DC Graphics Case Study

Producing Plates and Dies from Magnesium, Brass and Copper

DC Graphics, Inc. is a sculptured engraving, flexographic platemaking and photoengraving facility, which produces magnesium and copper plates/engravings as well as CNC milled brass plates.

DC Graphics, founded in 1994 by Kevin Brandon, is run today by Eugene Prohaske, President, and Cristine Brandon, Vice President, who have a long history in the engraving industry. Eugene is a passionate engraver who has over 30 years of experience in engraving for the packaging industry.

I never want to be known as the cheapest engraver… instead, I want to be known as the place to go when something is difficult. The reliability of DATRON machines and the fact that they provide me with such a versatile tool helps me provide a cutting-edge solution.

The Industry: Engraving, Molds & Dies

The Customer: DC Graphics

Located in Farmingdale, New York, DC Graphics specializes in producing sculptured embossing dies and engravings, and flat stamping plates for the paper, packaging, greeting card, and folding carton industries.