DATA Pro Case Study

Panel-Mount Cables, Couplers, Wallplates, Panels, Enclosures

DataPro International Inc. is a leading supplier of panel-mount connectivity solutions ranging from panel-mount cables and couplers to customized wallplates, panels, rugged cases and enclosures. With over a decade of industry experience milling and engraving aluminum products, DataPro can confidently say that DATRON is the right machine for the job.

On other machines, if we had to engrave something large I would often need to sweep the entire engraving area with an indicator to be able to identify the variance, then compensate for it in my program. DATRON’s Z-correction does all of that automatically.

The Industry Electronics

The Customer: DataPro

Located in Seattle, Washington, DataPro provides quality cables, panels, and electronics solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements.