Motodemic Case Study

Aftermarket Motorcycle Part Manufacturer Transforms His Business Brad Wood was at a point in his career when he wanted to start his own business but wasn’t sure what he would do. He had a background in photography and product design, so he knew this would be a solid foundation to start a business. From his […]

Autodesk and DATRON Case Study

Autodesk and DATRON – Adapting to the Changing Workforce It can be challenging for a research and design company, a company with limited fabricating experience or a start-up to implement a manufacturing discipline. Even the most experienced manufacturers face obstacles at times going from inspiration to parts in hand. Changes in technology, software, and the […]

PQ Controls Case Study


In-House Prototyping Transforms PQ Controls’ Production Originally making junction boxes for fire trucks, PQ Controls has been in the electronics industry since 1973. The Connecticut-based company has since diversified into industrial joy sticks and control systems. Due to its customer success and high product demand, the company expanded to a second production plant in Maine. […]

University of Oregon Case Study


Smart CNC Milling Advances Scientific Research at University of Oregon Evolution of the University of Oregon’s Machine Shop Machining has been a focus for the University of Oregon (UO) since its founding in 1876. The campus started with a research machine shop which received its first major upgrade in 1951, adding surplus wartime machines and […]

Analytical Sales and Services Case Study

An In-House CNC Machine Improves the Design Process for Analytical Sales and Services   Analytical Sales and Services started from humble one-room beginnings in Mahwah, New Jersey. Originally, they offered sales and technical support for High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipment. That was just the start for the company which now sells products worldwide and has […]

Potomac Photonics Case Study

Potomac Photonics uses a DATRON neo to Expedite the Prototype to Production Process DATRON Dynamics’ customer Potomac Photonics has focused on innovating the micromanufacturing industry since 1982. The US-based company utilizes a wide variety of microfabrication technologies that bring even the most challenging products to market quickly and cost-effectively. As an advanced manufacturing company specializing […]

Solid Design Enterprises Case Study

Solid Design Enterprises: A CNC buyer’s journey to a DATRON neo Every CNC machine purchase begins with a need and the inspiration to grow. Recognizing the value in his ability to design and manufacture customer products in-house, Clint Caldwell of Solid Design Enterprises LLC (SDE), wanted to put his extensive manufacturing background to work and […]

Dec-O-Art Case Study

Family Business Leads Through Innovation Dec-O-Art had issues with the tools being made on their CNC mill. They were spending too much time re-making dies because they weren’t level and there was a lot of variation in the tool. The mill that they had originally purchased wasn’t a good fit for this application. They needed […]

Mirotech Case Study

Making Test Fixture Production 10x Faster! When testing printed circuit boards (PCB), electronic components, and chips, a test fixture holds the component in place while it is tested with controlled electronic signals. Because PCB and other components vary in size and composition, the test fixtures developed by Mirotech are highly customized, resulting in a low […]

Burkart Phelan Case Study

Milling Flute and Piccolo Parts from Precious Metals Phelan wanted to bring modern manufacturing technology to flute making, and acquired a small, manual Wade screw machine for the company’s shop. “When Burkart-Phelan was looking at a machine purchase, I gave DATRON a piece of silver to make a part with. The material cost $7 and […]

Carbide Products Case Study

Carbide Products: Small CNC Investment Yields Huge Advancement When a unique job came along, Carbide Products turned to DATRON for a milling solution that was easy to program and control, and with faster feeds and speeds in aluminum. In 1985, Danny Strippelhoff became a partner in the business that his grandfather established in Georgetown, KY […]

R&D Manufacturing Case Study

A 4,000% Improvement (Seriously) On the surface, they may look like any other U.S. manufacturer that designs and produces metal products for consumption around the world. But instead, they are a contract jewelry manufacturer producing jewelry for brands like Tiffany and Bryan Anthonys who may need as many as one million pieces a year. “The […]

Autodesk Technology Centers Case Study

Autodesk Technology Centers Help Bring Prototyping In-house Autodesk established a network of technology centers to provide a unique experience for residency teams across a wide variety industries. DATRON’s high-speed CNC machines helped to provide rapid prototyping capabilities. Autodesk and DATRON Dynamics partnered to create the eBook called “Making Things” as a way to help those […]

Expographiq Case Study

Expographiq Displays DATRON CNC Cutting Tools Expographiq needed top-quality, high-speed CNC cutting tools. Their current tools did not perform well when milling plexiglass sheet material, resulting in the need for a costly secondary operation that was costing them time and money. Over the past 30+ years Expographiq in Gatineau, Quebec Canada has designed and built […]

Imagine Milling Case Study

5 Axis Machining Titanium Implants for Dental Restoration Entry-level CNC machines are typically tabletop mills, which only require a small initial investment, are easy to integrate, and can cut a variety of soft materials such as wax, plastics, and pre-sintered zirconium oxide (zirconia). Imagine needed much more. “But the DATRON is just so reliable that […]

Front Panel Express Case Study

Custom Milling and Engraving Front Panels Learn how Front Panel Express has leveraged the flexibility of DATRON high-speed machining technology and combined it with their own design software to empower their customers with a unique do-it-yourself service. “DATRON offers ongoing instruction like DATRON University that I’ve personally attended and that kind of training allows us […]

Haydon Kerk Case Study

Haydon Kerk: Large Manufacturer Adds High-Speed Machining to Make Rails for Slide Assemblies Haydon Kerk is an internal part of AMETEK’s Advanced Motion Solutions group focused on producing a full range of components and precision motion control systems. This includes linear actuators, lead screws and nuts, linear rails and guides, drives, motors and other components. […]

ETCO Case Study

Milling Connectors from Brass, Copper, Aluminum and Plastics ETCO produces wall plug blades (although the production speeds have increased from 175 parts per minute to as fast as 3,000 parts per minute). Last year, ETCO produced approximately half of all wall plug blades made in the USA. “When developing a prototype you may find you […]

RapidDTM Case Study

RapidDTM: Machining High Tolerance Aerospace Parts RapidDTM needed a high-speed CNC machine with a quick set-up time that could mill graphite while reducing cycle times. Machining High Tolerance Aerospace Parts Rapid DTM was founded as a one-man shop in 2002 by President, Tim Allard. Having worked for larger companies like Hitchiner Manufacturing, he had the […]

DC Graphics Case Study

DC Graphics: Embossing Die Engraving Pros DC Graphics approached DATRON looking for a CNC solution that would allow them to provide their custom­ers with high-quality products faster and less expensively than their competition. DC Graphics, founded in 1994 by Kevin Brandon, is run today by Eugene Prohaske, President, and Cristine Brandon, Vice President, who have […]

IntelliCAM Case Study

Milling and Engraving Plates, Tags, Panels and Signage The meteoric rise of IntelliCAM Custom Products in Greenville, Wisconsin could be attributed to entrepreneurial prowess, a bit of blind faith in Datron CNC equipment… or a combination of both. One thing for sure, is that the company’s success is a direct result of decisions made by […]

QC Precision Case Study

Low Volume/High Mix: Small Part Manufacturing in Electronics QC Precision needed a machine for the 3-axis and metal machining projects they had been passing up, so they could expand their capabilities, while matching the efficiency and agility they had already achieved with the back office technology — and that would integrate with what they had. […]

Hy-Tech Forming Case Study

The Forming of a Thermoforming Industry Leader Hytech provides solutions for thermoforming, embossing and trimming thin film plastics. Their focus is primarily on thin film plastic parts requiring precise graphic registration. There are also non-graphic applications where the Hytech forming processes provide benefits over other traditional forming processes. Their patented technologies are utilized by OEMs […]

Ross Custom Switches Case Study

Batch Milling of Engineering Grade Delrin Using Vacuum Workholding In 1900 a marketing genius named Joshua Lionel Cowen talked a store owner into carrying one of his odd gadgets — a toy train that looked like a brick on wheels that ran around an oval track by the power of battery. The set sold well […]