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At DATRON, we have great admiration for Autodesk’s policy on post processors. Here’s why. Where most CAM providers place the responsibility for post processor creation on the shoulders of their resellers, Autodesk support post processors directly. This benefits the end user because the cost is not passed on to them and they get the best possible post processor.

Autodesk and DATRON collaborated on post processors for DATRON next control.

The collaboration between Autodesk and DATRON delivers ease-of-use which is a cornerstone of DATRON technology.

In the case of DATRON, Autodesk worked directly with DATRON AG in Germany which has resulted in MCR and SIMPL posts for DATRON “next” control software used with machines like our M8Cube, as well as an ISO post and a dedicated post processor for the DATRON C5 5-axis machine.

The Result of Autodesk and DATRON Collaboration

As a result, DATRON customers can use Fusion360, InventorHSM or HSMWorks with a high-level of confidence because they work seamlessly with DATRON high-speed milling machines. That’s why many of our application technicians recommend Fusion 360 so frequently … because they know that it is an excellent CAM software that will work right out of the box.

Parts Made with Autodesk Fusion 360 and DATRON

This also the reason that many of the sample parts that we machine at trade shows and other demonstrations are done in Fusion 360. An example of this and a very popular hand-out is our gear-shaped bottle opener.

At IMTS, we machined this part on the DATRON neo to emphasize the speed of the machine, as well as how well it is suited to both rapid prototyping and short-run production applications. Get the Application Notes (Machining Strategies, Feeds, Speeds, Tools etc.) Here.

While the DATRON neo, like any DATRON machine, excels at milling aluminum, it is also ideal for machining plastics and composites with ease and can be equipped with a brush head for dust collection. Other options include vacuum chuck workholdingpneumatic clamping systems, and a 4th rotary axis. The machine runs on DATRON next software that is operated with a touch screen. It is easy enough for non-machinists to use and allows the seasoned machinist to tap into robust capabilities faster than on any other milling machine.

Other Autodesk and DATRON Collaboration

Post processors for CAM software isn’t the only area where DATRON has collaborated with Autodesk.  In fact, DATRON technology has combined with Autodesk’s software innovation as part of the Autodesk Generative Design Field Lab located at the MxD (Manufacturing x Digital) facility in Chicago.

DATRON and Autodesk have collaborated on many occasions including the Generative Design Lab at MxD in Chicago.

DATRON neo is front and center in Autodesk’s Generative Design Lab at MxD in Chicago.

MxD is part of Manufacturing USA, a network of 14 institutes all focused on advancing individual technologies and revitalizing US manufacturing. Their goal is to bring together the processes that manufacturers employ, in a single digital manufacturing and design facility – equipped with the world’s most advanced technology. Ultimately, MxD is a place where companies of all sizes meet up with innovators to develop disruptive technologies and plot the future of manufacturing. MxD’s mission is to provide US factories with the tools, software, and expertise they need to build things more efficiently, less expensively, and faster, so manufacturers can win more business and bring jobs back to the United States.


High-Speed CNC machining is more than 60,000 RPM spindle-speed. When you’re making small or complex parts, you need speed and precision at every stage. DATRON AG engineers didn’t just invent a faster, more precise CNC machine. They re-interpreted and optimized your entire machining workflow from start to finish.

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