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Paul Cote-Koehler

Paul became a part of the DATRON Dynamics team in 2021. He has 5 years experience as a machine operator in the plastics industry in addition to a sales and marketing background.

Paul fell in love with sales because there’s always an opportunity to gain new knowledge, especially in the CNC industry. Working in the manufacturing world lets him connect with people to learn more about what they’re making and how they make it. He likes helping customers discover what they need and then making it happen – whether it’s a new workholding accessory or a few days of machine training.

When a company needed to improve its job setup and overall production times, Paul consulted with them to determine which workholding accessory would best fit their needs. As a result, the part that used to take 4-5 hours to set up and run, now only takes an hour with a DATRON vacuum table.

Paul has three kids and loves going to sporting events with his family. During the winter season, he enjoys snowboarding and taking his kids sledding.