German Engineered

Located near Frankfurt Germany, DATRON AG was founded in 1969. In the early years, Datron Electronic, as the company was named then, was developing customized printed circuit assemblies for high-tech companies throughout Europe. By means of this experience, they recognized the demand for machining systems that addressed the needs of these types of industries. In the 1980’s, they developed a line of manufacturing systems for high-tech applications that could not be resolved by conventional means. Engineering of this equipment has always been based on high-speed spindles for precision milling of small, intricate parts and has included solutions for automation, measurement and workholding.

Today, DATRON AG is known as a worldwide leader in providing innovative, precision machining solutions to high-tech industries. With a history of many awards for innovation, design and management, DATRON also holds many worldwide patents for their proprietary designs. Dr. Arne Bruesch, CEO and Managing Director of DATRON AG, proudly states,

“It is our commitment to research and development that has allowed us to be on the forefront of innovative technology.”

With over 10 production and design facilities
in the Darmstadt region, DATRON can also be
found trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (DAR:GR).

All high-speed machining solutions are manufactured in Germany to the highest of standards in quality, safety and design. Machines are shipped direct to your facility floor where upon DATRON Dynamics will install and train you and your staff to maximize your investment. Our responsibilities do not stop there; you can be assured of unparalleled support from our team of application engineers and service personnel for the life of your equipment.

“Our unconventional approach to solving common manufacturing problems helps our customers stay competitive.”
— Bill King, President