Firearm Serialization and engraving firearm serial numbers using a DATRON high speed CNC milling machine

Engraving Firearm Serial numbers, Serialization

1) SERIALIZATION: DATRON's Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is customized and linked to your IT system so that no serial numbers are duplicated. Automated reports sent from the CNC machine ensure proper documentation for your “digital process”.

2) PRECISE-DEPTH ENGRAVING: Measurement Probe quickly scans each work piece and sends the data to the controller where any surface variation is automatically compensated for. No rejected parts!

3) HIGH-SPEED FIREARM ENGRAVING: 1 - 2 minute tack time is typical for Text, Logo & Serial Number engraving from .005” or .015” deep.

4) CUSTOMIZED FIREARM ENGRAVING! What if you could offer quality custom engraving ... fast? With DATRON, you can quickly and easily program a specialty logo and engrave it in just minutes!

5) FITS YOUR PROCESS: From batch machining and single unit
pull to complete automation via robot for lights out production.

6) CHOOSE YOUR MATERIAL: Steel, Aluminum, Plastics. No
material limitations when engraving on a DATRON thanks to rigid
granite & steel construction. Industrial Durability & Reliability.

7) EXTENDED TOOL LIFE: DATRON’s rigid high RPM spindle reduces vibration at the cutter tip, extending tool life.

8) ENGRAVING EXPERTS: Hundreds of DATRON engraving machines are used daily around the world by companies that manufacture Firearms, Minting Dies, Stamping Dies, Jewelry Molds and Stainless Steel Panels. Datron provides a complete “turn-key” solution by installing and programming the machine for your firearm production.



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Firearm Engraving Machines - While most DATRON machines are capable of engraving firearms, here are a few specific models that you may want to look at: M8Cube, M10 Pro and MLCube (see page bottom for reasons).


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Firearm Engraving Showcase (Sample Photos):

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Firearm Engraving Machines:
The M8Cube has a 40” x 32” x 9” work area with ample room for various workholding setups like pneumatic clamps, vacuum tables and even a trunnion-style 5-axis system. Precision-ground ball screws, linear guides and brushless direct drives provide superior accuracy in all axes. Optional XYZ probing recognizes irregular surfaces and compensate for them dynamically.

The M10 Pro is our fasted most accurate machine with linear scales for high position accuracy across the entire work envelope (ISO 230). With a 41" x 35" travel the M10 is capable of rapid rates up to 30 meters per minute. When the shortest cycle times or mirror finish surfaces are required, the M10 is the way to go. Plus, the liquid-chilled, 40,000 RPM spindle is exceptionally suited to rapid, high-volume material removal. The solid granite table adds rigidity for precision milling.

Now, if an extremely large work area is required, as is the case for engraving long guns, the MLCube is a large format milling machine that is ideally suited. The 60" x 40" travel of the MLCube can be equipped with a pneumatic clamping systems for workholding. Aside from the large machining area, the specifications for the MLCube are similar to the M8Cube.