Name Plate Machining Center - high speed CNC engraving and milling for efficient name plate production

Engraving Name Plates with high-speed CNC milling and engraving machines. Machining Centers with integrated vacuum workholding for engraving name plates.

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Engraving name plates and batch milling nameplates are ideal applications for DATRON high-speed CNC machining centers bacause of the large work area and integrated options. Sheet material can quickly be set up and held with vaccum chucks while optional vision systems find crop marks on printed name plate sheets to ensure accuracy when milling and engraving batches of name plates.
High Speed CNC Milling and Engraving Machines with Vision System to recognize crop marks on printed sheets for batch machining name plates.

Since engraving name plates or batch milling name plates can involve large sheets of material, working envelopes up to 98" x 40" make DATRON high speed CNC machining centers the ideal choice. Also, vacuum table workholding allows you to set up in just seconds. Plus, vision systems are available to recognize crop marks on printed sheets of name plates for optimal accuracy.

Benefits for Engraving & Milling Name Plates:
Up to 60,000 RPM Spindle
Large Machining Area
Pneumatic Clamping & Vacuum Table Workholding
Automatic Tool Changer
Easy, Fast Programming
Windows-based Control

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Milling Name Plates from printed sheet material with high speed CNC milling and engraving machines from DATRON!
Engraving Name Plates and then milling each name plate out of a printed sheet with high speed CNC machining centers featuring vision systems for batch machining name plates.
Printed and Laminated Sheets can be efficiently machined with DATRON high speed CNC Machining Centers.
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Efficiently Engraving Stainless Steel Name Plates requires a high speed CNC machining center.
Milling and Engraving Name Plates from Metalphoto sheet material at high speeds with DATRON high-speed CNC machining centers
Engraving Aluminum Name Plates
Vision System for accurately engraving and batch milling name plates from pre printed sheet material and Metalphotos sheets
Name Plate Milling Vision System:
This camera can be mounted next to the machining spindle to recognize crop marks on sheets of printed name plates so that they can be accurately batch machined.
Engraving Name Plates with Model Numbers and Serial Numbers for product identification
Aluminum Name Plates Engraved and machined for custom products using DATRON high speed CNC Milling Machines and Engraving Machines.
Engraving Automotive Name Plates for product identification and aesthetics
Engraving Name Plates and product identification tags from aluminum and stainless steel sheet material
High Speed CNC Machines for Engraving Name Plates:

Stainless Steel Name Plates

Aluminum Name Plates

Metalphoto Name Plates

Plastic Name Plates

Brass Name Plates

Serializing Name Plates


Milling Name Plates from pre-printed Metalphoto sheets with high speed CNC machining centers from DATRON
Vacuum Table Workholding for Name Plate Engraving and Milling:

VacuMate™ from Datron is designed to swiftly and efficiently secure flat workpieces to the bed of a machining system. Thin stock, which could be secured only with great difficulties before, is now secured literally within seconds. Quickly secure plastic foils as thin as 0.001”, to 0.250” large aluminum sheets. Here’s how it works:

A vacuum pump provides vacuum power for the system to work. A vacuum table features airflow-optimized vacuum ports, with recessed vacuum chambers, to provide superior vacuum distribution. A low cost gas-permeable substrate serves as a sacrificial vacuum diffuser, allowing the cutter to machine through the workpiece, without cutting into the table.


Engraving Stainless Steel Name Plates with German Engineered CNC Machining Centers for high quality and efficiency.
Vacuum Table Segment to hold flat sheet material during machining like name plate engraving or name plate milling.

Above: Vacuum Table segment for holding sheet material. Below: cross section of vacuum table, sacrificial layer and name plate sheet material on top.


Crisp walls on Engraved Name Plates at various depths using DATRON high speed CNC engraving machines.
Cross section of vacuum table, sacrificial layer and name plate sheet material.
Engraving Name Plates?

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Name Plate Engraving with CNC Engraving Machines and high speed milling machines from Datron featuring integrated surface probing, vacuum workholding, automatic tool changers and vision systems
Engraving Name Plates and Milling Name Plates from Sheet Material and Metalphoto or Screen Printed sheets using vacuum table workholding on DATRON high speed CNC milling machines featuring high speed spindles up to 60,000 RPM
The DATRON M8 High-Speed Machining Center is ideal for engraving and milling name plates. It features a 60,000 RPM Spindle, optional vacuum table workholding and vision (camera) systems that streamline name plate batch machining.
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