CNC Engrave Brass, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless, Plastics & more.

Looking for an Industrial Signage Alternative to Chemical Etching? Engrave Industrial Signage in Brass, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Stainless & Aluminum - no acid or chemicals!

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Engraving vs. Chemical Etching
A Chemical Etching Alternative.

If the high costs and increasing regulations associated with Chemical Etching have you looking for an alternative to chemical etching, DATRON CNC Engraving systems are for you. DATRON's high-speed machining technology delivers superior engraving of industrial signage using brass, zinc, magnesium, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and plastics. Best of all there are no attendent costs associated with the management or disposal of chemicals. In fact, our micro-volume, coolant used for superior cutting simply evaporates ... thereby eliminating degreasing operations or any disposal fees.


Batch Machining and Engraving as cost reducing alternative to chemical etching using DATRON M8Cube high speed CNC milling machine with vacuum table workholding

FROM ART to PART. Chemical/Acid Etching can't do this & low-cost routers can't come close to our High-Speed Gantry Machining System.

Acide Etching Alternative Engraving Machines with Vacuum Table Workholding for flat sheet material
Industrial Signage applications like Brass Signs for Equestrian Areanas and Stables are ideal for our high-speed CNC engraving machines
High speed Industrial Signage CNCs deliver superior surface finish and provide a cot-effective alternative to chemical etching.

Large Machining Area up to 60" x 40"
High Speed Spindles - superior finish
No Chemicals or Disposal Fees
Engraves Brass, Zinc, Mangnesium, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless, Plastics & more.
Vaccum Table Workholding for flat materials
Large Format Machines ideal for Engraving Industrial Signage
3D or Surface Probing - compensates for irregularities and guarantees even-depth engraving
Windows-based Control Software
Cheaper than Chemical Etching!

No Hazardous Materials
No Material Limitations - more usable materials ... more sources!
Use readily-available, low cost & light-weight aluminum, composites, plastics
Full 3D Engraving
Not Restricted to Photo-sensitive materials and limited supply
Deeper Crisper Edges
No Cleanup of Blemishes Required
Recycle Chips & get Revenue instead of paying chemical disposal fees
Maintenance on machine is minimal & Cost effective
Larger Formats acommodate larger sheets
High-performance milling & engraving with precise depth
Stability & Accuracy with Solid Granite Bed!
Integrated coolant for cutting metal
Superior surface finish over low-cost routers
Unattended (lights-out production) & Batch Machining
German Engineered
Flexible Windows-based Control Software
Reduced Operating Costs (eliminate chemicals, disposal and reduce labor)
Quick Turn Around - put material in and take out finished parts in an hour!
No waiting for your Art Department
Even depth of engraving (even on rounded surfaced) and probing to compansate for irregular surfaces make Datron ideal for industrial signage applications in Brass, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Get engraving depth & detail not possible with chemical etching ... without the chemicals and the associated cost.
From a single industrial sign to hundreds, Datron provides programming efficiency and a large work area to tack any industrial signage application - brass signs, zinc signs, magnesium signs etc.
Engraving as an alternative to chemical ecthing provides quality and efficiency without chemicals or the associated costs.
Engraving as Acid Etching Alternative that saves money and resources by eliminating chemical cost and disposal fees
Deep engraving no possible with chemical etching or acid etching is milled and engraved on high speed CNC milling machines from Datron that feature integrated probing or surface scanning to ensure an accurate engraving depth
Newer Large Format Machines feature large machining area up to 60" x 40" for Industrial Signage applications
3D Engraving in any Material:
Stainless Steel


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Engraving vs. Chemical Etching

For more information on how DATRON high-speed CNC Engraving can replace or augment your chemical etching operations
– or how to engrave superior Brass Signage, Zinc Signage Magnesium Signage or any Industrial Signage application,



DATRON customer, IntelliCAM, used our high-speed engraving for an industrial signage project that included 29 engraved zinc panels for the building’s exterior signage, the “Founder’s Wall,” a 16-by-8-foot zinc panel, nearly 400 way-finding signs that appear throughout the structure and smaller donor plaques. To get the job done, Welson went to two eight-hour shifts to keep the two CNC routers busy for a combined 32 hours a day.

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Acide Etching Alternative and cost reducing chemical etching alternative for industrial signage engraving and architectural sign engraving as well as the production of name tags and ID tags without the cost and disposal fees associated with chemical etching.
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