DATRON M10 Engraving Aluminum CNC Machine

Engraving Aluminum with German Engineered precision and top-notch American service and support.

DATRON high speed CNC engraving machines for engraving aluminum feature 60,000 RPM spindles, a large work area for batch engraving aluminum sheets and spray-mist coolant that delivers a superior cut and evaporates during machining leaving clean engraved parts that do not need to be degreased.
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Engraving Aluminum.
DATRON high-speed CNC machining centers are ideal for engraving aluminum including small parts batch machining from aluminum sheet material and Metalphoto or pre-printed sheets. This is facilitated by a large 30" x 40" work area and robust features like automatic tool change, probing and integrated workholding like vacuum tables and pneumatic clamping.

Benefits for Engraving Aluminum:
Up to 60,000 RPM Spindle
30" x 40" Work Area
Integrated Clamping & Vacuum Table Workholding
Automatic Tool Changer
Spray Mist Coolant System
(No De-greasing)
Microsoft Windows-based Control

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Engraving Aluminum Video Video of Engraving Aluminum loading (approx. 60 sec.).
Engraving Aluminum parts like this chopper mirror is frequently performed on Datron high speed CNC engraving machines
Engraving Aluminum logos for knife handles is one application for Datron high speed CNC engraving machines.
Engraving Aluminum Molds and Dies on DATRON high speed CNC engraving machines
Milling and evraving aluminum front panels and name plates in batches is facilitated by a very large 30" x 40" machining table made of solid granite.
Engraving aluminum molds like this toothbrush mold is often performed on Datron high speed CNC machining centers
Engraving aluminum dies, molds and stamps on DATRON high speed CNC engraving machines
Engraving aluminum or Metalphoto name plates with serial numbers
Engraving aluminum panels and milling through holes for electronics part manufacturing.
Engraving aluminum on a rounded surface while maintaining even depth of engraving due to integrated surface scanning and compensation built in to Datron high speed CNC engraving machines
Milling and Engraving aluminum parts
Engraving aluminum chocolate molds is an engraving aluminum application often done on Datron high speed CNC engraving machines
Engraving Aluminum?

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Engraving Aluminum with CNC Engraving Machines engineered in Germany for precision and reliability
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