CNC milling machine with high-speed spindle

DATRON Dynamics High Speed CNC Machining Centers - Milling and Engraving Machines

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DATRON M10 Pro High Speed Milling Machine
DATRON is known worldwide as an innovator of high-speed CNC machining solutions. Our German-Engineered equipment is specifically optimized for milling, drilling and engraving with microtooling. A wide range of integrated workholding, accessories and automation allows us to custom configure each machine to meet the exact needs of our customers — yielding superior quality, reduced cycle times and added efficiency to unique applications. All of this is backed by superior training, service and overall customer care.
Daytron Dynamics D5 Dental Mill
High Speed Milling with DATRON CNC.

Machining is performed quickly with DATRON high speed milling machines. High speed CNC spindles are ideal for milling aluminum, plastics etc. and our spray-mist coolant simply evaporates after machining leaving parts and eliminating secondary operations like degreasing.

Up to 60,000 RPM Spindle
Spray-Mist Coolant System
Integrated Clamping & Vacuum Table Workholding
Automatic Tool Changer
Easy, Fast Programming
Intuitive Control

CNC Milling & Engraving Machines:

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