Wondering if it's time to start milling your own titanium implant bars and custom abutments in-house? Attend this workshop and learn what it takes AND how profitable it can be. You'll get answers to your most pressing questions, such as:

• How difficult is it? Will I need to become a CAD/CAM expert or hire a trained machinist?

• Is my existing CAD/CAM equipment sufficient or will I need to buy a whole new system?

• What about the quality? Will my titanium implants be as good as, or better than, my current supplier's work?

• What kind of ROI can I expect? How much will my profits really increase?

• What are the drawbacks and pitfalls?

Throughout the day, representatives from industry-leading CAD/CAM companies will be giving live demonstrations of the entire process. More importantly, they'll explain which features of the CAD/CAM software and equipment ensure the highest success. At the end of the workshop, you'll know whether or not it makes sense to mill your own titanium implants in-house and how much more money you can make!

There is no cost to attend, but space is limited. Register TODAY.


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