Datron Vacuum Table for CNC Home Page. Modular Vacuum Tables to hold small flat workpieces & sheet material during CNC Machining.

This Vacuum Table integrates with the CNC bed and control software providing ease and flexibility in securing sheet material and flat workpieces.
This QuadraMate Vacuum Table is comprised of 4 vacuum table segments to provide an enormous 24" x 36" workholding area.
VacuMate™ – Vacuum Table Workholding for flat & thin workpieces.
The VacuMate™ Vacuum Table from Datron is designed to swiftly and efficiently secure flat workpieces to the bed of a machining system. Thin stock, which could be secured only with great difficulties before, is now secured literally within seconds.

Quickly secure plastic foils as thin as 0.001”, to 0.250” large aluminum sheets. This vacuum table features airflow-optimized ports, with recessed chambers, to provide superior vacuum distribution. A low cost, gas-permeable substrate serves as a sacrificial vacuum diffuser, allowing the cutter to machine through the workpiece, without cutting into the table.

The Vacuum Table shown above is what we refer to as a QuadraMate because it is comprised of 4 separate but interlocking vacuum table segments (total area 24"x36") that each measure 18"x12" and can be controlled independantly via a vacuum table manifold with 4 separate valves as seen at the bottom of this page.
This 24" x 36" Vacuum Tablesits on a subplate so it can be removed quickly to adapt to changing needs.
This Dense Hole Vacuum Table has the ability to hold very small parts with limited surface area.
The photo above shows how the Vacuum Table (QuadraMate) sets up on a sub plate which then fixes to the CNC machining table with boss in cavity conicals which insures repeatability and provides flexibility to remove the vacuum table from the bed, perform another setup or job and then return the vacuum table to resume a job where you left off or begin a new one.
This Vacuum Table manifold controls the 4 vacuum table segments independantly.

Vacuum Table Dense Hole Pattern when to go DH?:
When to go “DH”. The Dense Hole Pattern option was engineered specifically to hold extremely small parts that exhibit minimal surface area. The individual cups and air holes on the vacuum table are in closer proximity to one another to insure that maximum suction occurs directly beneath the workpiece. Parts with larger surface areas do not require DH models or our larger pumps.

Vacuum Table Specing your pump:
Selecting the right pump for the job is something Datron Reps and Engineers can help you with. But, as a general rule of thumb, pump size is dependant upon 3 factors:

1. The application: specifically the size of the finished parts. Parts with minimal surface area may require a larger pump.

2. How many vacuum segments you plan to order (1-4).

3. Whether you plan to order a DH (dense hole pattern) model.

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We’ll be honest, the high-speed and low-force of Datron spindles made the job of innovating Set Up fairly easy (at least for the clever Datron engineers in Germany). That’s because low force means that a vacuum can be used to hold fixturing and blanks — something not possible with a conventional CNC. What’s resulted is a “modular” workholding design that allows for multiple setups on the bed. One station or segment may be a Quick-Pallet™ (manual pallet changer),another a VacuMate™ (vacuum table) and a third a Quick-Clamp™ (pneumatic clamping system). This variety of segments provides the agility to adapt to job changes. Centering inserts on the bottom of each segment register with conical cavities (milled by the machine itself) on the surface of the machining table. This results in a “boss-in-cavity” system that insures location repeatability. So if you’re in the middle of a batch and an unexpected rush project comes in, just remove one pallet and replace it with the new job. When the rush job is complete, return the first pallet to its place and pick up where you left off. The ability to quickly adapt to changing needs is the essence of agility ... and agility is the very thing that gives a manufacturer the competitive edge.
Vacuum Table Workholding is not just an afterthought at DATRON, it's integrated. Most CNC manufacturers just don’t get involved in workholding. They sell you their machine and let you find a way to hold your parts once it arrives. Well, Datron takes a more holistic approach and considers workholding part of the solution.