Smart features like 3D probing, Automatic Tool Changers, and custom workholding are just a few Datron innovations.

If you’re looking for a CNC router – to perform high speed machining, micro hole drilling, aluminum machining or industrial engraving with small tools – you’ve come to the right place. That’s because every Datron router features a 60,000 RPM, high frequency spindle designed specifically for CNC machining with tools ¼” or smaller.

This makes Datron CNC routers ideal for stainless steel elevator panels, machining of aerospace parts, nested production of aluminum or milling of composite parts and lengthy extrusions. Plus, our large bed sizes accommodate bigger work pieces ... bigger work pieces allow for bigger batches ... and, bigger batches equate to bigger profits.

So, get out there and peruse the rest of our website ... you'll find all the data you need to justify the purchase of these vanguard, high speed machine tools.

A solid granite bed makes thishigh speed CNC router more sturdy and accurate then conventional routers

Smart CNC Machines:
An awe-inspiring combination of intelligent probing, dynamic control software, a 60,000 RPM spindle, automatic tool changers, an spray-mist coolant system and advanced workholding solutions yield speeds, feeds and surface-finishes that have never been seen before.

These distinctions have resulted in thousands of installations worldwide within industries requiring versatility and efficiency with small tools for front panels, nameplates, micro drilling, 3D precision engraving, aluminum machining, rapid prototyping, as well as the production of automotive and aerospace parts.

For speed, quality and flexibility that give you the competitive edge,
call Datron Dynamics today.

Elecrtomechanical enclosure or housing Machined and engraved extrusion Heavy material removal from plastics
Faster feed rates, stabilized gantry, integrated pneumatically covered tool magazine, LCD flat-panel display, polycarbonate side windows and a removable chip cart on wheels are just a few extra features that distinguish the OmniRaptor from our other models
Front panels, ID products and signage Micro hole drilling in Delrin Engraved stainless steel signage
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