Pneumatic Clamping

Pneumatic Clamping System
Article No. 0A01084A

The pneumatic clamps are ideal solutions when applications require quick in and out fixturing of parts. They are typically used when mid to high volumes of parts are required with short cycle times. They are also ideal in situations when part sizes vary frequently and changes in set-ups are required. Applications such as aluminum panels, extrusions, castings and housings are ideal for this clamping technology. The clamps are not recommended when thin materials are used or large sheet stock. Vacuum tables are more suited in these applications.

One Piece Set Up
Short Run Production
Ergonomic Design
Push-Button Activation
Flexible/Replacable Jaws
Efficient, Fast Clamping
No More Cranking to Open/Close
10 Faster Than Vice Clamp

The system comes complete with an extruded aluminum T-Nut base measuring 10” x 18”. This base has conical inserts in the bottom to register with the inserts on your M7 or M8Cube style table. The assembly can be either mechanically mounted or by vacuum (pump sold separately). Mounted to the base is an extruded fixed jaw stop. This linear block is bolted securely to the base and does not move. Adjacent to the block are two pneumatic clamps that can be located along the linear channels of the extruded base. These clamping units can be secured and relocated pneumatically by the simple touch of a button. The regulated air connection for these clamps is provided at the front of all DATRON high speed milling machines as a standard feature. On each clamping unit is a second button that pneumatically moves a clamping jaw face. This short stroke movement at 87 pounds of pressure is what secures your part to the fixed jaw. On both the fixed jaw and pneumatic clamping units are machinable aluminum faces that can be customized depending on the application. The entire assembly weighs approximately 20 pounds without any parts mounted.

The amount of pressure the clamps exert can be controlled by the air pressure regulator mounted on the front of your Datron machine. This is ideal when delicate parts need to be fixed such as plastics. The clamping air pressure can also be controlled by a software program if automation or lights-out operation is required. An optional 24 volt air-valve manifold is required along with the I/O control board (article no. 0A01076). All this in conjunction with either a pick and place system or robot would facilitate loading, clamping and off loading of parts.

Multiple clamping assemblies can be daisy-chained together if more than two clamping units are required. Custom base plates and fixed jaws are also available by special quotation. The clamping system can be retrofitted in the field and does not require any special order of electronics or pneumatics.

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