PCB Pressure Foot eliminates lifting during milling, drilling or routing.

PCB Package featuring ForceFoot™ — for efficient milling, drilling and routing without "Lifting".

Made specifically for Printed Circuit Board production.
The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Package available with Datron machining centers allows you to mill, drill and rout PCBs without parts lifting from the machining table during the process. The unique pressure-foot brush assembly moves over populated and bare board products without damaging components or scratching the PCB — while at the same time, providing a downward pressure that eliminates lifting. This assembly, in concert with the dust extraction control-valve system provides an integrated solution for producing ESD-safe and dust-free Printed Circuit Boards.
Finally, a CNC solution designed specifically with the PCB industry in mind!
Depanelize PCB with the PCB Router featuring the ForceFoot pressure foot.
ESD protection for ESD-safe Printed Circuit Boards.
ESD-Safe & Dust-free PCB!
Even populated PCB can be milled, drilled and routed with ease!
For additional information or pricing, please contact Datron Dynamics directly at 1.888.262.2833.
Even Populated PCB!
The Blum tool-length sensor is just one feature that guarantees accuracy.
Extreme Accuracy!
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