Milling Micro Molds from aluminum requires intricate tooling and a high speed CNC machining center to use them efficiently without breakage

Micro Molds & Micro Milling CNC Home Page: Use Advanced CNC Technology to Make Micro Components & Electrodes and Remain Competitive.

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Micro Mold Making Capabilities:
Tight Tolerances
4th & 5th Axis Options
Difficult to Machine or Hard Materials
Difficult Geometry and/or 3D Shapes
Burr Free Manufacturing
Low Stress on Materials
Integrated Workholding

Applications for Micro Molds:
Medical Devices: Catheters, Cannulas, Needle Sheaths, Surgical Instruments, Bio-resorbable Implants

Electrical/Electronics (Insert Molding, Reel-to-Reel Applications): Inserted Connectors, Miniature Electronic Devices, Fiber Optics, Micro Sensors, RFID Chips

Microfluidics: Blood Analyzers, Micro Plates, Lab-On-A-Chip, Micro Channels, Lancets

Industrial: Micro Pumping Mechanisms, Spray Nozzles, Atomizers

If you’ve landed on this Micro Mold & Micro Milling Home Page, you’re probably looking for ways to remain competitive in a new global economy that tends to rely on countries with low labor costs. Well, we’re happy to tell you that we have a solution for you. Since other countries produce things cheaper, we have to produce micro components that they simply cannot make. As everything in our physical world is getting smaller, we have a new opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Datron high speed micro milling CNC equipment will give you capabilities that you never dreamed of. Whether you’re making micro molds to produce micro components for aerospace, electronics, medical automotive or telecommunications, you need to use small micro tools and a means of running them with efficiency. Frequently, making these tiny molds requires EDM micro electrodes that present challenges to the process of micro milling. Not the least of which is the fact that polishing and handwork is not practical where these intricate parts are concerned – so a quality surface finish must come from the machining process itself.

Milling Micro Molds for medical and pharmaceutical packaging is often performed on DATRON high speed CNC milling machines because of the precision and fast cycle times that they provide
M7 Micro Mold Milling and Engraving Machine
Milling micro mold from plastics, resins and aluminum are ideal applications for DATRON high speed CNC milling machines
Graphite Micro EDM Electrode
The extreme demands of milling both active mold areas and EDM micro electrodes on a miniature scale is a challenge that Datron is up to. That’s because our micro milling CNC equipment is designed exclusively for achieving efficiency with small tools with diameters down to 100 microns. As such, they feature high speed, 60,000 RPM spindles that evacuate chips, minimize runout and produce the highest quality micro components and electrodes.

With the micro mold maker in mind, Datron machines also have an optional Positive Air-Flow Dust Collection System. For medical applications, this system complies with HEPA requirements. Each filter is tested according to U.S. Military Standard 282 (MIL-STD-282) and IES (Institute of Environmental Sciences) standard Type A HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is rated with a minimum efficiency of 99.97% @ 0.3 microns and tested using the HOT DOP method @ 100 CFM. Each HEPA filter is certified and labeled with specific test results.
Milling Micro Molds with amazing surface finishes with DATRON M7 HP and M10 Pro high speed CNC machining centers
Dust collection system for milling micro EDM electrodes
Micro Mold made on high speed CNC
Milling aluminum micro molds with spray-mist coolant leaves no residue or need for degreasing because it evaopates
Aside from dust collection, Datron takes further measures to protect your investment. The linear guide ways and precision ground ball screws are covered and feature positive airflow as well as an automatic greasing system that forces any debris out of the machines’ working parts. The spindle is pressurized to prevent any dust from entering the bearings. The enclosure is designed for optimized airflow and can easily be fitted with a dust collector or your existing dust collection system to keep airborne dust in check. Plus, our products’ compact design, together with the 208V-7 Amps power requirement, allows it to be placed right next to your ram EDM machine.


Applications Requiring:
Medium Tolerance
Good Surface Finish

Applications Requiring:
High Tolerance
Glass Surface Finish
Graphite or Abrasive Materials (EDM Electrodes)

Micro Mold Milling requires small tooling and small tooling requires high speed to avoid breakage and ensure quality surface finish
Machining Mocro Molds for pharmaceutical packaging is performed on DATRON high speed CNC milling Machines
Graphite Electrode for Cell Phone Mold made on Datron Micro Mold CNC Machine
Made on DATRON High Speed CNC Micro Milling Machine for Micro Mold Making.
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