Modular Machining Spindle Heads that can be custom configured to fit your production line or manufacturing cell needs.






The cusomizable X axis is ideal for mass production.

The modular InLine is easily integrated into a production line environment and several Inine modules (“pods”) can be interlinked for complex machining tasks. Imagine if you will, a lengthy extrusion being fed into the machining area with one InLine pod routing out recessed pockets with an endmill on one side, while simultaneously another InLine pod equipped with an engraving tool marks the part on the other side.

Now use your imagination to see how this modular solution could revolutionize your business

Enjoy the future of high-speed, “pod” machining.

Typical InLine Applications:

Production Line or conveyors
Machining long aluminium extrusions
Automotive part manufacturing
2D or 3D engraving
Precision mechanics
Electronics industry
Medical engineering
Tight space requirements

Modular High-Speed CNC Machining:

Full Inline capability
Optional 16 digital inputs & outputs 24V
Can be “ganged” or configured with multiple “pods”
Intuitive Microsoft® Windows®-based control software
Adaptable X axis for customizable work area
High availability
Low wear-related costs
High feed rates up to 16 m/min

Modular Cantilever Machining System.

Work Area 9”x 6” x 9” (X, Y, Z)
Interlink multiple units (“pods”)
Positioning speeds up to 629”/min.
Feed rates up to 400”/min.
Working Lengths (X Axis) up to 108”


High-speed machining “pods” configured for your needs.

Take the vanguard high-speed machining technology from Datron high speed milling machines. Strip away the enclosure and gantry. What you end up with, is a high-speed machining “pod” that can be integrated into virtually any manufacturing environment or process. This modular, custom-configurable approach allows manufacturers to position machining cells anywhere along a production line.

The InLine’s standard specifications include a machining area of 9” x 6” x 9” (X,Y,Z). But, our adaptable X axis means that this unit’s working area can be built according to specific machining requirements. While we’re not selling hamburgers here, it is our way of saying, “Have it your way”.

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