High speed router for machining milling engraving drilling

CNC router designed for small micro tools, high speed, high feedHigh Speed Machining White Paper

High Speed Machining::
At DATRON, high speed machining means 40,000 - 60,000 RPM spindles used for high speed machining applications with microtools 1/2" or smaller. Fragile micro tools are easily broken by conventional vertical machining centers because they typically have big hulking motors designed with the torque to run 3" fly cutters. And for applications like that, we'll admit, they do a great job. But, high speed machining is a specialty application than can't be performed by a conventional vertical machining center. For high speed machining of aluminum for instance, or precision industrial engraving with microtools, you need a DATRON high speed CNC milling machine ... here's why. DATRON high speed machining centers are designed solely for the purpose of high speed machining with micro-tools. We start with a 40,000 - 60,000 RPM spindle capable of running high speed micro tooling with high feed rates and extremely low force and we build the rest of our machine around it ... with a singular focus on high speed machining. What this means for DATRON customers, is that high speed machining, micro hole drilling and industrial engraving with small high speed endmills, drills, thread mills and engraving tools can be performed as intended ... at super high speed.

Please download our White Paper (right) for more details.

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