Firearm Engraving on steel 1911 handgun slide engraved with Datron high speed CNC engraving machine equipped with rotary indexer

Datron Gun & Firearm Engraving - Efficient Industrial Engraving of Stainless Steel Firearm Parts.

Our Lips Are Sealed:
Honestly, if you've landed on this Web Page you're probably looking for advanced methods for engraving gun & firearm parts. And you've come to the right place. Datron milling machines are employed for applications like the engraving of stainless steel gun receivers and even engraving on the rounded surfaces of firearm barrels while maintaining an even depth. But, as you probably also know, gun manufacturers hide their trade secrets closer than aerospace companies making fighter jets. Well, we respect that. So suffice it to say, we can help you out. Just don't ask us who else we've helped out.

Industrial Stainless Steel Engraving CNC for Engraving with Small Tools.
If you're having a hard time engraving stainless steel with small tools, that's because it's hard material ... and it's tough on fragile tools. Plus, small tools have minimal surface area. So, it’s difficult for the heat generated by engraving or routing stainless steel to be dissipated and it tends to concentrate at the cutting edge of the tool. Heat transferred to the chips resulting from milling or engraving stainless steel exacerbates this situation (if they are not effectively evacuated from the cutting channel).

Ultimately, the attributes that make Datron milling machines ideal for other applications requiring efficiency with small tools are the same things that make them ideal for the industrial engraving of stainless steel. For example, our Spray-Mist Coolant System is bi-directional, so it is capable of rapidly switching sides and automatically directing the spray at the tool edge doing the cutting. For stainless steel we employ an oil-based coolant in this spray-mist system. Also, our line of micro tooling is optimized for efficiency. The sharpness of engraving tools is critical to the quality of the cut since dull tools can cause glazing and the hardening of the stainless steel surface. The overall speed of our 60,000 RPM spindles allow the operator to make light cuts, but ones that are substantial enough to prevent the tool from riding the surface of the stainless steel a condition that also contributes to the hardening of the surface in stainless steel applications.

For more information, feel free to puruse our website or contact us directly at 888.262.2833.

Firearm Engraving of .40 cal 1911 handgun slide engraved with Datron M8 high speed milling machine
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The rounded surface of a gun receiver with logo engraved at an even depth via our 3D probing capabilities

Firearm Engraving with rotary indexer on M7 high speed CNC milling machine to acces both sides of this steel handgun slide for engraving of logos and brand markings

Firearms Manufacturers Add Probing:
While many 3D engraving applications benifit from our probing capability, firearms manufacturers need it to c ontrol the depth of their engraving ... especially on rounded surfaces like barrels and receivers. Probing saves time during job setup and ensures accuracy and repeatability. Probes available as an integrated component on our stainless steel engravers and routers can recognize irregular work-piece topography and compensate for it dynamically. They do this by taking measurements along the surface of a blank and feeding that data into the machining controller. The controller automatically adjusts for uneven surfaces or work piece position. Through this process, job setup times are reduced and piece/part rejection is minimized. With a 3D extension, the probe locates parts and material irregularities in the X, Y, and Z co-ordinates, finds centers of holes and bosses, pre-measures blanks before the machining starts, compensates for material variations, feeds data into ISO 9000 information chain for quality control, and even allows for the reverse engineering of many parts.

Firearm engraving including logos, serial numbers and markings that meet ATF Regulations are done using Datron high speed CNC engraving machines
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