High speed CNC machine for milling front panels
Micro CNC machining
Aluminum machining
Aerospace parts
Panels & nameplates
Intricate machining
Enclosures & housings
PC board prototyping
General CNC machining
Identifiaction tags
Batch production runs

Why Datron Fits Your Needs:
60,000 RPM Spindle
Automatic Tool Changer
Probing / Surface Scanning
Large machining envelope
Easy to learn and to operate
CAD/CAM interfacing
Compact and Versatile
Mills, drills, cuts, routs, engraves
208V Single-Phase - 7 Amp

Vacuum Table Workholding
Pneumatic Clamping Systems

Milling, drilling, and engraving in one manufacturing operation!
Your front panels, name plates, extrusions, identification tags, and control panels can now be manufactured in one automated operation. Based on Datron's advanced high-speed CNC systems, no de-greasing or de-burring of the high quality parts is required. Unique worholding solutions enable you to change over quickly, allowing you to turn your work around fast. Designed specifically for panels and extrusions, Datron systems are used for short, medium, and large production runs in industrial manufacturing applications.

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In Their Own Words (Customers Speak Out):

“Your system has added years back to my life.”
Trevor Welson, President, IntelliCAM, Inc.

“Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought we would be back in only 9 months (for a second system).”
Thomas W. Barry, President, Yeuell Nameplate & Label

“The Datron has allowed us to deliver prototypes and short run panels in just a few days.”
Everett Lutes, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Elma Electronics, Inc.

“What a truly dynamic machine! It’s hard to imagine how we functioned before.”
Bruce Jacobson, President, Photopanels of New England, Inc.

“For panel and flat work, you could not have a better machine.”
John Dionne, CNC Supervisor, Hybricon, Inc.


High speed CNC for milling and engraving extrusions
Front Panel Milling and Engraving using high speed CNC milling machines Mage in Germany by DATRON AG
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