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Steve Carter is the Brand Manager at DATRON Dynamics and has been with the company for 11 years. His writing on high-speed machining has been published in trade magazines such as Aerospace Design & Manufacturing, Modern Applications News, Manufacturing Engineering and Tooling & Production.

2 thoughts on “Gun Engraving with a CNC Milling Machine – 3 Marking Options Examined

  1. I think that it is so cool how we can engrave things like guns with a CNC milling machine. What is even more amazing to me is the fact that the design can be so intricate yet flawless. I have a wooden chest that has a design on it that was made by a CNC machine. It is awesome. Hopefully I can build something like that chest again someday and use a CNC machine.

  2. Milling can be done with a wide range of machine tools. The original class of machine tools for milling was the milling machine (often called a mill). After the advent of computer numerical control (CNC), milling machines evolved into machining centers (milling machines with automatic tool changers, tool magazines or carousels, CNC control, coolant systems, and enclosures), generally classified as vertical machining centers (VMCs) and horizontal machining centers (HMCs). Vanessa

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