3 Tips for Faster Rapid Prototype Machining

Rapid prototype machining strategy can make the difference in bring a product to market quicker than the competition. This blog gives 3 tips for becoming more agile and making rapid prototype machining faster.

Time is money …  even more so in rapid prototype machining. Rapid prototype machining is important for bringing a design to reality. While making usable parts, this process also allows for testing and evaluating the design. In the consumer electronics industry, time is also crucial for beating fierce competition to market with the newest products. […]

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Engraved Name Plate Production with High Speed Milling Machines

High speed CNC milling machines are used in engraved name plate production to improve cycle times and the quality of ID tags and nameplates.

As recently as a decade ago, there was discussion regarding the best process for engraved name plate production –with the main contenders being the Pantograph, Stamping Machines and Milling Machines. Since that time, the argument for the pantograph has all but gone the way of the dinosaurs. That is because pantograph is a manual machine […]

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How a Custom Longboard Became a High-Speed CNC Machining Sample

Custom longboard machined from aluminum with a DATRON high speed CNC machining center.

“What made you decide to mill an aluminum longboard?”  That’s a question we’ve been asked countless times by people who see our most popular high-speed machining demonstration. So, I decided to write a blog that explains the origin of this unique sample. How the Idea Was Born I was enjoying the sunny skies and sites of Key West with my […]

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