5 Reasons to Use DATRON Dental Tools

Dental milling tools from DATRON have superior geometry and specialty coatings for better quality and tool life.

1: Unique Patented Design and Geometry of DATRON Dental Milling Tools DATRON prides itself on having a unique approach to tooling development. Through careful guidance from RD Dental at DATRON AG, a patented design and geometry has been achieved in all DATRON Dental milling tools.  This includes specific flute cutting surfaces and the overall blend of actual […]

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Precision Dental Milling Tool Holders for Milling Titanium Implants

Precision dental milling tool holder designed to reduce runout making it ideal for milling titanium implant bars and custom abutments.

The Dental Lab Network is an online community where I’m often pulled into discussions regarding titanium implant milling using medium duty, dental-specific machinery. There was recently a thread where lab owners were inquiring about the accuracy of lighter weight benchtop models.  Here is my response: Just a few clarifications regarding the misconceptions I commonly hear […]

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Milling Titanium Parts for Dental Implants: What Kind of Spindle Do I Need?

Titanium Dental Implant Milling Machine Spindle

The Dental Lab Network is an online community where I’m often asked about the DATRON D5 Dental Milling Machine’s features and how they compare to other machines on the market. Recently, a lab that’s interested in milling titanium parts for dental implants had raised the following question about the D5’s spindle power: “Isn’t the spindle power […]

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