North American representative offering high-speed CNC milling machines manufactured in Germany.

DATRON AG in Germany manufactures high speed CNC milling machines, machining centers, engraving machhines and cutting tools. GERMANY

Datron CNC Applications

  • Electronics Parts Manufacturing Electronics Parts Manufacturing
  • Engraving Machine Applications Engraving Machine Applications
  • Machining Composites Machining Composites
  • 5 Axis Machining 5 Axis Machining
  • Dental Milling Applications Dental Milling Applications
  • Dispensing Dispensing
  • Micro Hole Drilling Micro Hole Drilling
  • Machining Aluminum Machining Aluminum
  • Machining Plastics Machining Plastics
  • Machining Graphite Machining Graphite
  • Firearms Engraving Firearms Engraving
  • Specialty Machining Applications Specialty Machining Applications

CNC Milling Applications


DATRON offers a wide range of solutions for many manufacturing applications. The versatility of the equipment allows our customers to increase their production efficiency and diversify their manufacturing capabilities. DATRON high-speed machining centers are designed for precision micro machining and industrial engraving of aluminum, plastics, stainless steel, graphite, ceramics and virtually any non-ferrous material.


In today's world we recognize that in order to be successful you need to provide more than just hardware. Along with superior technology, we provide excellent support. If you require equipment to be cranking out parts the day the machine hits your floor, we can deliver. From application support to custom work holding and automation systems, DATRON can provide it all.

Electronics Engraving Composites
  • Datron high speed CNC machining centers are used for electronics part manufacturing including the machining of test fixtures, adapers, connectors, wave solder palets, PCB, housing, enclosures and front panels
  • The engraving applications for DATRON engraving machines are limitless and include engraving roll dies, embossing dies, combination dies, coining dies, sharp face dies, front panels, name plates, identification tags, signage, brass signs, magnesium signs, zinc signs, way finding sigs, architectural signage and much more
  • Datron high speed CNC machining centers are odeal for machining composites like carbon fiber, CFK, GFK,CRP, GRP, FR4 because they have optional integrated dust collection systems for abrasive materials
Five Axis Dental Dispensing
  • Most Datron machines have optional 5 axis capability and the C5 precision 5 axis machining center is ideal for 5 axis medical components and electronics parts, while our D5 dental mill is designed specifically for 5 axis dental milling applications
  • The Datron D5 Dental Mill is designed exclusively for milling dental implants such as abutments, bridges, crows, copings and custom bars in titanium, zirconia, chrome cobalt and more.
  • Datron CNC dispensing systems are used for volumetric dispensing of silicone, polyurethane, adhesives, sealants etc.
Micro Drilling Machining Aluminum Machining Plastic
  • Micro Drilling and Micro Hole Drilling applications are performed efficiently on Datron high speed CNC machining centers like the M10 Pro featuring up to 60,000 RPM spindles for improved cycle times
  • Nothing is more suited to Datron high speed CNC machining centers than machining aluminum.
  • Machining plastic is perfomed effectively on Datron CNC milling machines featuring high speed spindles up to 60,000 RPM and optional dust and chip management designed specifically for machining plastics
  • Microfluidics Firearms Step Stencils
      Microfluidics Support Plate milled with a high speed CNC machining center by DATRON
    • The nation's top firearms manufacturers use Datron high speed CNC machining centers for engraving firearms, engraving forearm serial numbers, engraving firearm logos, engraving markings and milling small frearm parts from steel and aluminum

    Additional CNC Milling Applications

    Thermoforming Medical Aerospace Counter Plates Engraving Steel UID Marking Machining Graphite
  • Milling thermoforming molds and thermoform tools from plastic and aluminum on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers
  • Milling 5 axis titanium medical implants with DATRON C5 high speed machining center
  • Millling aerospace components from aluminum, plastics, stainless steel and composites using DATRON high speed CNC milling machines
  • Machining stainless steel and phenolic counter plates on DATRON high-speed machining centers with integrated vacuum-table workholding.
  • Engraving steel for die and mold making with DATRON CNC engraving machine
  • Milling UID Marking in stainless, hardened steel, aluminum, plastics and composites with DATRON high speed machining center
  • Datron high speed CNC machining centers have options like the graphite vortex and dust collection systems that are ideal for machining graphite and other abrasive materials.


    Specialty Rapid Prototyping   Milling Panels      
  • The versatility of Datron high speed cnc milling machines makes them fit into many specialty applications like musical instrument manufacturing
  • Milling thermoforming molds and thermoform tools from plastic and aluminum on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers
  • Milling thermoforming molds and thermoform tools from plastic and aluminum on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers

    High speed CNC machining centers that are ideal for medical machining applications High speed CNC machining center for microdrilling applications using 60000 RPM high speed spindle High speed CNC machining center for machining aerospace parts 5 axis machining center for 5 axis milling of steel, titanium, aluminum, plastic, composites, graphite and non-ferrous metals Small hole drilling application page for Datron high speed CNC machining centers Engraving steel including steel mods, dies, firearms parts using Datron high speed CNC engraving machines High Speed Machining with DATRON high speed CNC machining centers Milling aluminum thermoforming mold for blister packaging Milling Aluminum