Th M8 is a workhorse within the electronics industry and is used for machining test socket, electrical connectors, terminal connectors, electrical connector, electronics socket, test sockets and more.

Machining Sockets & Connectors - Test Sockets, Electrical Connectors, Terminal Connectors, Electronics Sockets at ultra high speed!

For the milling of test sockets, electrical connectors, terminal connectors, electrical connector, electronics socket, test socket with ultra high speed – DATRON High-Speed CNC Machining Centers are the ideal choice.
This Torlon Test Socket or Test Adapter was milled and drilled with a precision DATRON Socket & Connector Milling Machine for high speed machining of electronics parts such as electrical connectors , electronics sockets and test sockets.
Torlon Test Sockets and Test Adapters like this are machined and milled at high speed with Datron Socket & Connector Milling Machines
Machining Sockets & Connectors.

Test socket and electrical connector machining is performed quickly with DATRON high-speed milling machines. Datron actually began as an electronics company 40 years ago, and the machine was designed to produce electronics parts such as test socket, electrical connectors, terminal connectors, electrical connector, electronics socket, test sockets.

Benefits for Housing Machining:
Up to 60,000 RPM Spindle
Spray Mist Coolant Evaporates!
Integrated Clamping & Vacuum Table Workholding
Automatic Tool Changer
Easy, Fast Programming
Windows-based Control

Video of Test Socket Machining will load soon (approx. 60 sec.).
This pin connector is an example of electrical connectors milled with the precision of DATRON high speed machining centers for sockets and connectors.
Delmat, Torlon Delrin and other plastic test sockets can be efficiently machinined and drilled with Datron because the high speed prevents the test socket from burring or bird nesting due to superir chip evacuation.
Brass terminal connectors like this can be machined instead of stamped and our VacuMate vacuum table workholding can hold down even small parts such as terminal connectors, test sockets and electrical connectors. Ideal for batch machining!
Terminal Connectors are milled and machined efficiently and even on 5-axis with DATRON. This brass Terminal Connector was machined on an M8 at high speed.
Socket & Connector Applications:
Test Sockets
Electrical Connectors
Terminal Connectors
Electronics Socket
Test Socket
Electrical Connector
Electronics parts such as sockets and connectors often require tight tolerance and small tooling and this is DATRON's singular focus.
Test Sockets and Test Adapters like this frequently require microdrilling or micro hole drilling as wll as milling to produce a quality test socket or test adapter.
Commonly machined plastics and substrates: ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, Cirlex, Delmat, Delrin, Durastone, Formex, G-9, G-10, G-11, GPO3, Kapton, Lexan, Nomex, Nylon, Phenolic, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polysulfone, PVC, Ryton, Torlon, Ultem, Urethane, Valox, Vespel, Vinyl
One off custom connectors can be programmed and machined quickly due to DATRON's easy Windows-based Control Software.
Milling Plastic Electronics Housing:

Milling or Machining Plastic sockets, connectors and test sockets can be similar to machining aluminum parts in that sharp tools are more beneficial than very hard-edged tools. That said, for plastic electrical sockets and electronic connectors being machined or milled from fiber reinforced plastics that contain glass or ceramics, carbide tools or hardened steel tools are required.

Feeds & Speeds for Machining Plastic Electronics Sockets & Connectors: This is where the true benefit of Datron high-speed machining centers comes in. Machining plastic electronic connectors and sockets really requires high speed. Slower spindle speeds allow heat to build up and melt the plastic electronics socket or connector rather than cutting it. Higher spindle speeds throw chips out of the cutting channel and prevent long chips from bird-nesting around the tool and melting to it. High feeds get you from one place to another quickly without leaving the tool in one vicinity for too long heating the material up. But, since small tooling is often required for the small plastic test sockets and electrical connectors, you can’t have high feeds without high spindle speed because it will result in unaccepatable tool breakage. Moral of the story is that if you’re machining plastic sockets or connectors, you need a Datron.

Sockets and Connectors:

Test Sockets & Adapters

Electrical Connectors

Terminal Connectors

Electronics Sockets

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The DATRON M8 High-Speed Machining Center is ideal for milling Sockets and Connectors.
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