Solar Cell Production - Dispensing

DATRON milling & dispensing systems for the solar industry - solar cells, solar panels, solar modules, solar cell frames, backrails & carrier rails.

Complete, turn-key CNC solutions designed for automated and reliable series production of solar modules.

Today's solar industry increasing requires a combination of quality and cost containment that can only be achieved through the use of intelligent manufacturing technology. DATRON machining centers are ideally suited to solar milling operations while our dispensing systems were specially developed for industrial adhesive or sealing applications. These have earned customer confidence for high performance and volume consistency.

Above: Yellow line represents material dispensed by DATRON CNC Machine to seal the PV Cell.
Bonding and Sealing in the Production of Photovoltaics:
Frame gluing
Edge sealing
Butyl hotmelt dispensing
Backrail/connection box bonding
Bonding/stringing busbars

Applications / Benefits:
Dispensing of liquid adhesives or sealants on frame profiles or modules
Short cycle times for continual production flow
Sharp-edged, rectangular sealing shapes
Dispensing on the provided position of the solar module
Dispensing on the assembly profile or the connection box

Dispensing hotmelts (reactive up to 210°C)
Butyl up to 210°C
Silicone 1K and 2K
Electrically conductive adhesives

Bead Shapes:
Shaped beads
Combination of different materials

Solar Cell (PV) Machining:
Milling frames
Machining backrails
Milling carrier rails
Milling slots & grooves
Milling thin flat PV material
Machining Profiles and Extrusions
Microdrilling & Threadmilling

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Solar Cell Production Machine
Solar Cell Frame Dispensing Solar Cell Frame Dispensing Video will load soon.
Solar Cell Frame Gluing
Solar Cell Frame Gluing
Solar Cell Bonding - Busbars, Stringing
DATRON dispensing systems for the solar industry
To quickly and reliably apply bondings or seals requires systems that, based on your specifications, can be integrated into your manufacturing with simplicity and flexibility. Through the combination of our electronic dispensing head and the patented control engineering, a high degree of process reliability and flexibility is attained. The use of special software technologies makes speed-independent dispensing possible, thereby ensuring high dispensing speeds with short cycle times regardless of the material being used. These systems work independently of pressure and viscosity, so that process parameters do not need to be adjusted due to altered manufacturing conditions. In connection with the accessories developed for dispensing tasks, DATRON offers system
solutions from one source to guarantee optimum quality for your manufacturing.
Bonding Busbars / Stringing Busbars
Solar Cell Bonding - Backrail, Connection Box
Solar Cell Milling Machine
Connection Box Bonding / Backrail Bonding
DATRON milling systems for the solar industry
For the milling of solar parts like frames, backrails and carrier rails,DATRON is the clear choice. That's because these are often made of aluminum extrusions or profiles and our high-speed machining technology is ideal for milling, drilling and even engraving of this material. Our large-format machines, in particular accommodate long extrusions and profiles. All of our models can be equipped with pneumatic clamping systems for holding extrusions or vaccum table workholding for sheet material. Rotary axes are available for multi-sided machining of profiles, frames and other solar parts. Each DATRON machining center is custom-built based on the customer's unique application — resulting in turn-key solutions to your production requirements.
Solar Cell Backrail Carrier Rail
Solar Cell Frame
Solar Cell Production

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Carrier rail Milling & Bonding

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Solar Modula Frame
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