RF Microwave Heatsinks made on a DATRON High Speed Machining Center

Make Small RF Microwave Parts from Aluminum & Other Materials Efficiently with DATRON High-Speed CNC Machining Centers.

Enclosures for RF Microwave Parts are machined at high speed on a DATRON CNC
RF Microwave Part Manufacturing made easy with DATRON High-speed CNC.
If you design and manufacture RF Microwave parts, DATRON high-speed machining centers are ideal for your RF/Microwave manufacturing processes. That's because the production of RF Microwave parts often involves the milling, machining, drilling, threadmilling and even engraving of ALUMINUM. And where aluminum is concerned DATRON reigns supreme. That's because high RPM spindles provide superior chip evacuation, higher feeds and better surface finishes for your aluminum RF Microwave parts. Plus, our micro-volume spray-mist coolant simply evaporates -- providing efficiency and cost savings to your RF Microwave part manufacturing by eliminating the need for degreasing and the recycling/disposal of oil-based coolant!.
Our Microwave RF customers serve the aerospace, defense, broadband, cellular, CATV and other industries by producing high-quality RF Microwave parts such as semiconductors, RF systems, amplifiers, switches, mixers, tranceivers, modulators, circulators, couplers, splitters, transfomers and more.

Plus, a DATRON High-speed machining center can help you to diversify your product offering since it can tackle other difficult materials such as plastics used in the manufacturing of electronics parts and components. From aluminum enclosures to Torlon connectors DATRON can mill, drill, engrave and threadmill. With a large work area like the 30" x 40" on our M8 model, you have the room to batch machine your RF Microwave parts or have multiple workholding setups for the flexibility to produce a number of different RF Microwave components, simply by loading different programs from the library. On-the-fly flexibility to adapt to the changing RF Microwave part demands. AGILITY. EFFICIENCY. RF Microwave Manufacturing SUCCESS!

Small Aluminum RF Microwave parts batch machined on a DATRON high-speed machining center
Plastic Electronics, RF Microwave parts are milled efficiently on DATRON high-speed CNC machines
Finished RF Microwave parts machined from aluminum and anodized for aesthetics and product branding
RF Microwave heatsinks, enclosures, connectors and components made with DATRON high-speed machining technology
Aluminum RF Microwave part enclosures for RF Components made with DATRON CNC milling and engraving machines.

For more information on CNC for RF Microwave part manufacturing, feel free
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