Precision Drilling CNC Machining Center from DATRON

Precision Drilling - High Speed CNC Micro Drilling in Steel, Plastics, Aluminum

Precision Drilling:
Precision drilling small highly accurate holes is becoming a common requirement across a range of industries and applications. From hydraulic valves and spray nozzles to torch tips and gasoline direct injectors, the ability to precision drill small, precise, repeatable holes is key to the integrity and functioning of a given product. Plus, many of the applications have volume requirements so precision drilling time ultimately rivals cost and quality in terms of importance.

Enter DATRON high speed milling machines that feature a 60,000 RPM spindle that handles micro drills as small as .004” (0.1mm) with precision and repeatability in X,Y and Z. Our sheer speed combined with a micro-spray coolant system produces micro holes with smooth walls, well defined edges and virtually void of dross or recast.

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Precision Hole Drilling in Stainless Steel performed on a DATRON high speed CNC machining center
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DATRON Precision CNC Drilling:
Smooth clean walls
Sharp, well defined edges
High volume production
All-in-one micro-drilling, cutting, milling and engraving on 1 machine!
Precision Micro Drilling in Delrin and other platics is frequently performed on DATRON high speed CNC milling machines.
Precision Hole Drilling in plastics like Delrin is effectively performed on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers
Machine Features:
40,000 to 60,000 RPM Spindles
Spray-mist Coolant (Evaporates)
Automatic Tool Changer
3D Probing / Surface Scanning
Integrated Vacuum Workholding
Full Line of Microtooling
Delrin electronics adapters and connectors often require precision micro hole drilling that can be efficiently performed on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers
What Is Precision Micro Drilling?
Well, that depends on who your talking to. Some CNC machine manufacturers think that a 1/8" hole is small and tout that their VMC has that capability. But with DATRON CNC machines, 0.015" to 0.004" is a walk in the park. Alright, we admit it, that may be an overstatement ... but micro holes that small are being made each day in a variety of industries with DATRON high-speed CNC machining centers. One of the main reasons that Datron machines reign supreme in micro hole drilling is because of our high speed, low force technology. To sum it up, our machines have smaller motors because we cater exclusively to manufacturers who make small parts. Because our machines never run large tools, they simply don't need a hulking motor. The result is that an extremely low force is placed on the tool. That combined with the blazing speed of our 60,000 RPM spindle, a chilled spindle and the superior cooling qualities of our Spray-Mist Coolant System allows the tool to do its job evacuating chips without causing tool breakage.

Of course, the diameter of a micro hole is only one consideration when undertaking a precision micro drilling application. Depth of the hole is another considerable challenge ... especially when using small fragile tools that can "walk" and break. This is where runout, positioning accuracy and tight tolerance come into play ... and again, DATRON trumps conventional CNC manufacturers. Our DATRON M7HP is designed specifically with precision drilling applications in mind and delivers a runout of less than 5 microns, 0.0008" Positioning Accuracy and 0.0004 Repeatability..

In His Own Words
(DATRON Customer Speaks Out):

"This project has been a great success, in that we have two machines running identical programs, the cycle times have been reduced drastically and we have also decreased the setup time for other ends of the manufacturing process."
-Peter V. Brahan
Hypertherm, Inc.

Read the Hypertherm Case Study by clicking the Case Study Button at the top of the page.

Plasma cutter nozzels mad of lava with precision drilling of micro holes produced on DATRON high speed CNC milling machines featuring 60,000 RPM spindles and a rotary 4th axis.
Lava plasma cutter nozzel with holes precision drilled by DATRON high speed CNC ,illing machine featuring a 4th rotary axis
Fuel injector nozzels made of nickle with precision drilling of micro holes produced with a DATRON high speed CNC machining center
Precision Drilling in steel done on a DATRON high speed CNC milling machine
Catheter for the medical industry with precision drilling of micro holes done on a DATRON high speed CNC machining center
Presicion holes drilled repeatedly in steel on a DATRON high speed CNC machining center
0.004" holes drilled .040" in stainless steel tubes on DATRON high speed CNC milling machine
Precision hole drilling in stainless steel sheet material held with vaccum table workholding on DATRON high speed CNC machining center
Above & Below: XRAYS of 4K (thou) Hole Drilled in 40K (thou) Deep Stainless Steel Rods.
Precision micro holes drilled in tainless steel tubes
Precision hole drilling in stainless steel
Repeated drilling of small holes in stainless steel with DATRON milling machine
Steel tube drilled with precision holes on DATRON machining center
Precision Micro Drilling?

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The M10 Pro Model of high-speed CNC machining center from DATRON delivers speed and accuracy in precision micro drilling applications.
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