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PCB Pressure Foot called ForceFoot routs boards held by integrated vacuum table.
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Looking for an Excellon alternative? Here's a PCB Router, Tab Router and SMT CNC Router all rolled into one! With capabilities like PCB prototyping, PCB drilling, PCB depanelization and PCB tab routing this Excellon Mark V alternative delivers agility and quality in the production of single-sided and double-sided PCB as well as SMT applications. Plus, it accomodates virtually any PCB material — from plastics like G10, FR4, Delrin, Torlon, Delmat, Kapton and Lexan to metals like aluminum, copper, stainless steel and even gold.*

By virtue of Datron CNC milling machine advancements like the high speed, 60,000 RPM spindle and Z-axis probing / surface mapping our machines provide PCB manufacturers with agility, flexibility and unparallelled capabilities including:

> PCB Prototyping
> PCB Tab Routing
> PCB Drilling and Micro Hole Drilling (micro drilling, microdrilling)
> PCB Thru Hole (thru-hole) Applications
> PCB Depanelization
> PCB Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Applications
> Controlled Depth Trace Cutting
> Double-Sided (double sided) PCB
> Single-Sided (single sided) PCB
> Tight-Tolerance Machining
> Z-Axis Surface Mapping (probing)
> ESD Protection
> Feed Rates up to 600 inches per minute
> 60,000 RPM Spindle

> EMI-Proof Aluminum
> Copper
> Stainless Steel
> Gold
> G10
> FR4
> Delrin
> Torlon
> Delmat
> Kapton
> Lexan

Having been founded as an electronics company 37 years ago, Datron transformed into the pioneer of high-speed CNC equipment. So, it’s not surprising that our technology is engineered to eliminate all of the pain points of electronics part and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturers. Imagine being able to perform PCB prototyping, depth-controlled trace cutting and milling, tab routing, depanelization, micro-hole drilling, through-hole applications and SMT applications all on one machine! Better still, perform these functions with tight tolerance, at high speeds and ESD protection on single-sided, double-sided and even populated PCBs. Then consider the fact that Datron can handle all electronics materials – G10, FR4, EMI-proof aluminum, copper, stainless steel, gold, Delrin®, Torlon®, Delmat®, Kapton®, Lexan® and more.

Next, marvel at all of the features designed specifically to accommodate the PCB manufacturer – Windows®-based controller (deciphers between standard Fanuc® G and M codes and Excellon® code), PCB pressure-foot/dust extraction that prevents “lifting” during machining and leaves parts clean, vacuum-table for set-up in just seconds, Z-probing for precision depth control, a 60,000 RPM spindle capable of traverse rates up to 1000”/min., automatic tool changing with tool-length measurement to ½ micron and a machining envelope of up to 40” x 27.5” x 9.5”.

Finally, revolutionize your business with the flexibility to mill, drill, rout, engrave and threadmill for the production of front panels, enclosures, heatsinks, solder pallets, solder ring frames, test fixtures and adapters. Datron is designed by electronics pros for electronics pros. Datron does it all!


Most CNC manufacturers just don’t get involved in details like workholding for PCB or ESD protection. They sell you their machine and let you find a way to make it fit your environment. Well, Datron takes a more holistic approach and considers things like our PCB pressure foot part of the overall solution. Thanks to superior German engineering, when your Datron machine arrives, you’re ready to cut parts and make the chips fly! Designed for efficiency in set up and job change over, our user-friendly, modular solutions work synergistically with the blazing speed of our high-speed routers — delivering the industry’s fastest cycle times.

Our ForceFoot was designed specifically with your PCB application in mind. The PCB Raptor features a pressure-foot brush assembly that moves over populated and bare board products without damaging components or scratching the PCB — while at the same time, providing a downward pressure that eliminates board lifting. This assembly, in concert with a dust extraction control-valve system provides an integrated solution for producing ESD-safe and dust-free PCBs. Ideal for depanelizing PCBs, it can also hold and cut round or odd shaped PCBs. Ease-of-use facilitates one-off engineering projects while rugged durability suits full-scale PCB production.

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* Excellon, Delrin, Torlon, Delmat, Kapton and Lexan
Excellon Routers and ATI Routers are a registered trade name, trademark of Excellon Automation Co. Delrin and Kapton are registered trade names, trademarks of Dupont. Torlon™ is a trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC. LEXAN Polycarbonate Resin is a registered trade name, trademark of GE Plastics


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