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Datron PCB routers are ideal for depanelizing or separating scored or even un-scored PCB. Plus they can cut round PCBs or any virtually shape. And since they are multi-function machines, they can mill, drill, cut, rout and engrave at super high speeds. They can depanelize multi-use boards making them an easily justified addition to crowded PCB production lines.

Datron PCB routers like the M7 and the M8Cube are used for the rapid in-house manufacturing of printed circuit boards – from one-off engineering projects to full-scale PCB production. The high-frequency 60,000RPM spindle easily mills precision geometries required by high frequency and microwave applications. Their multi-function versatility makes them ideal for depanelizing pre-assembled circuit boards, machining front panels, milling housing pockets, cutting and engraving plastic foils, fabricating test adapters, milling wave solder pallets and developing inspection templates. <More Below>
Datron is essential in the quick development in a competitive PCB marketplace. Datron PCB routers efficiently mills, drills and routs the widest range of PCBs with extremely fine traces, including most RF and microwave boards. Our max 60,000 RPM and 1,000” per minute feed rates positions Datron as the best means of producing high quality printed circuit boards in-house.

With our Z-probe and surface-mapping capabilities precision depth control is a breeze making it the perfect choice for applications involving surface-sensitive substrates found in many RF applications. It can also mill around populated PCB components for easy board rework and depanelization of populated PCB. <Click!> to learn more.

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Package available with the EcoRaptor allows you to mill, drill and rout PCBs without parts lifting from the machining table during the process. The unique pressure-foot brush assembly moves over populated and bare board products without damaging components or scratching the PCB — while at the same time, providing a downward pressure that eliminates lifting. This assembly, in concert with the dust extraction control-valve system provides an integrated solution for producing ESD-safe and dust-free Printed Circuit Boards.
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