Mini CNC Mill - German-Engineered for Precision CNC Milling and Small Part Production.

Mini CNC Mill Machining Aluminum for small part production
This mini cnc mill is no desktop or benchtop mill.

Instead, this mini machining center is German-engineered for precision applications where accuracy and surface finish are critical. Our smallest mini CNC mill has a footprint of only 1,500 x 1,400 mm while offering a surprisingly large traverse path of 520 x 650 x 520 mm. Plus, the use of a solid Granite slab for the machining bed provides rigidity and yields superior surface quality on machined parts. It's a mini CNC mill that delivers big results!

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DATRON Mini CNC Mill Features:
Small 1,500mm x 1,400mm footprint
Up to 60,000 RPM Spindle
Up to 30-Tool ATC
German Engineered
Mills, Drills & Engraves
Up to 1,000" per minute feed rates
Tools up to 1/2" diameter
Up to 5 Axis capability
Integrated 3D Probing
Integrated Vacuum Table Workholding
Full Automation Capability
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This Mini CNC MIll has a small footprint but a large work area that accomodates a variety of setups and workholding options
Mini CNC Mill machining copper for small part prototyping and production
Mini CNC Mill unit that can be custom configured to fit a production line.
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DATRON Mini CNC Mill Applications:
Front panels & nameplates
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Firearm engraving
Micro drilling
3D engraving
Aluminum machining
Plastics machining
Milling micro molds
Rapid prototyping
Electro-mechanical parts
Medical and aerospace parts
Dimensions of Mini CNC MIll M7
Mini CNC Mill M7 - small footprint, huge R.O.I.
Mini CNC MIll M8 - true versatility! Dimensions for Mini CNC Mill M8
Mini CNC MIll M7 - Diagram
Mini CNC Mill M8 - Diagram
Automatic Tool Changer on M8 Mini CNC Mill
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