DATRON Large Format CNC Machines privide a massive work area with a comparatively small footprint.

Industrial Signage
Aerospace Components
Long (lengthy) Extrusions
Batch Machining
Lights-out Production
Composites, Plastics, Metal
Large Format CNC Milling Machine with Small Footprint ... and HUGE R.O.I.!

Large Format CNC Machining Centers for Milling and Engraving Sheet Material, Batch Machining, Lights Out Production & Long Extrusions. Great for Composite Material and Aerospace Part Production!

Made specifically for Sheet Material, Extrusions & Batch Machining.
DATRON´s large-format machines like the
ML series are specially designed for the fast, clean and precise machining of sheet metal. Due to the high precision of these machines, outstanding results are achieved – especially with Aluminum sheet material, batch-machined front panels and long extrusions.
ML-1500-2c Large Format CNC (right).
Our premiere Large Format CNC Machining Center for the high -speed machining, milling and engraving of sheet material, long extrusions and batch machining or lights-out production. This machine boast of a gigantic work area and STILL has a rock-solid professional enclosure for lock out/tag out saftey! A
60" x 40" large format work table is ideal for industrial signage and large run batch machining. And with integrated vacuum table workholding, fixturing flat workpieces and sheet material is a breeze. Then, with an integrated CleanCut feature, chips from aluminum, composite material and other substrates are extracted before they ever tough the workpiece. Thease features make this machine ideal for production of aerospace components from composites, plastics, aluminum or stainless steel.

Maximize your production runs with Large Format Batch Machining!

Large CNC Machine Benefits:
The massive Granite table guarantees high milling quality – even at fast feed rates. A minimal-quantity, electronically measured, spray-mist coolant system provides perfect, burr-free milling and engraving results. High-frequency spindles up to 60,000 rpm.

Large CNC Machine Applications:
Machining of high-quality Aluminium panels at top speed CNC-milling of large aluminium profiles. Milling and engraving of plastics, stainless steel and composite materials

A Large Format CNC Machine with a full enclosure for the safe and efficient milling and engraving of sheet material, long extrusions and composites, as well as un attended lights out production.

The CleanCut System let's you machine in a chip-free manner with a non-contact suction head.

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