INSTRUMENT PANEL HOMEPAGE - high speed CNC Milling Machines for instrument panel machining in aircraft, car, aerospace and electronics applications.

DATRON M8 Instrument Panel Milling Machine for aluminum, plastic, composite and stainless steel instrument panel machining
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Aircraft instrument panel machined on DATRON high speed CNC machining center

DATRON Instrument Panel Milling Machines are designed specifically for precision CNC machining of aircraft instrument panels, car instrument panels and instrument panels for the electronics industry. 40,000 - 60,000 RPM spindles yield superior quality instrument panels with better surface and edge finishes and shorter cycle times.
Airplane Cockpit Instrument Panel
Instrument Panels, control panels, front panels, nameplates etc.
Ideal for Instrument Panel Applications:
Milling Aircraft Instrument Panels
Machining Aerospace Control Panels
Milling Automotive Instrument Panels
Machining Nautical Instrument Panels
Milling Electronics Instrument Panels
Front Panels & Control Panels
Milling instrument panels for electronics devices machined from aluminum at high speed with spray-mist coolant that simply evaporates leaving clean burr-free instrument panels
Car dashboeard instrument panel, milled in wood and composite material for BMW
Automotive Instrument Panels for Cars & Trucks:
Plastic Instrument Panels
Wood Automotive Instrument Panels
Aluminum & Stainless Steel Panels
Engrave Rocker Panels (branding)
DATRON Instrument Panel Milling Machines. German Engineered. German Made.

This machine is ideal for milling instrument panels and control panels for aircraft and automotive from aluminum, plastics, composites and stainless steel.

High-speed machining spindle
Rigid steel & granite construction
Intuitive, robust software
3D surface probing

Instrument panels with different shape through holes, cavities. countersinks, threadmilling and engraving - all performed on a single CNC machining center
Test Fixture Machining Video Video of Instrument Panel Machining will load soon.
Milling & Machining Instrument Panels.

A variety of options and features on DATRON CNC Machining Centers facilitate fast cycle times when milling aluminum , plastic and composite instrument panels. The 3D probe maps the surface and compensates for irregularities on the surface of the instrument panel. Automatic tool change is just one element that allows you to perform unattended batch machining of instrument panels.

Instrument Panel Machining:
Up to 60,000 RPM Spindle
Spray Mist Coolant Evaporates!
Integrated Clamping & Vacuum Table Workholding
Automatic Tool Changer
Easy, Fast Programming
Windows-based Control

Aluminum Instrument Panels are our bread and butter. That's because DATRON milling machines are designed for machining aluminum at high speed with a spray-mist coolant that evaporates so secondary degreasing operations are obsolete!
Aircraft Instrument Panel Milling Case Study Click Icon to Download
Front Panels, Instrument Panels for electronics devices can be machined from aluminum and plastics at high speed with DATRON's 60,000 RPM spindle, automatic tool changer and 3D probing
Instrument Panels with laminates, over lays or membranes already attached can be machined efficiently with Datron due to our high speed spindles.
Machining plastic instrument panels requires different milling strategies ... see bottom of page.
Electronics Instrument Panel milled from annodized aluminum
Instrument panels and enclosures for aerospace and avionics instruments milled from aluminum on DATRON high speed machining center
Plastic instrument panels can be machined before or after painting
Spray-mist coolant used for milling aluminum instrument panels evaporates leaving clean instrument panels without any degreasing neccessary
Stereo and electronic instrument panels in stainless steel can easily be machined and engraved with serial numbers on a DATRON high speed milling machine
Instrument panels made of plastics and composite materials are common in cars and trucks in the automotive industry
Anodized aluminum instrument panels machined at high speed on DATRON CNC milling machines
Electronic Instrument Panel milled for production of preamplifier
Metalphoto and printed sheet material is often milled for instrument panel production
Clean milling and engraving of plastic and composite instrument panels can be performed efficiently and at high speed with DATRON.
When edge finish and surface finsih on an instument panel is important you need DATRON high Speed CNC Machining Centers
Milling Plastic & Composite Instrument Panels:

Milling or Machining Plastic instrument panels and composite instument panels can be similar to machining aluminum instrument panels in that sharp tools are more beneficial than very hard-edged tools. That said, for plastic instrument panels being machined or milled from fiber reinforced plastics that contain glass or ceramics, carbide tools or hardened steel tools are required.

Feeds & Speeds for Machining Plastic Instrument Panels: This is where the true benefit of DATRON high-speed machining centers comes in. Machining plastic instrument panels really requires high speed. Slower spindle speeds allow heat to build up and melt the plastic instrument panel rather than cutting it. Higher spindle speeds throw chips out of the cutting channel and prevent long chips from bird-nesting around the tool and melting to it. High feeds get you from one place to another quickly without leaving the tool in one vicinity for too long heating the material up. But, since small tooling is often required for the instrument panels, you can’t have high feeds without high spindle speed because it will result in unaccepatable tool breakage. Moral of the story is that if you’re machining plastic or composite instrument panels, you need a Datron.

Milling or Machining Instrument Panel Questions?
Call DATRON at 888.262.2833
DATRON M8 High-Speed CNC Machining Center ... ideal for milling and engraving instrument panels for automotive, aircraft and electronics applications. Features a 40 - 60,000 RPM spindle.
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