Firearm Serial Numbers Engraved on Datron High Speed CNC Machining Center featuring 60,000 RPM machining spindle

The Firearm & Gun Serialization Home Page. Gun and Firearm Serial Numbers Engraved, Recorded and Tracked in Database with DATRON high-speed Firearm and Gun Engraving machine.

Firearm Serialization and engraving of serial numbers on high speed CNC milling machines Made in Germany by DATRON AG

Bulletproof Firearm & Gun Serialization:

> Engrave Even Depth Serial Numbers

> .005 - . 007 or Deeper!

> Meet ATF Requirements and Mandates - current and future

> More Accurate than Laser

> Superior to Roll Marking

> Grabs next serial number, engraves part, records number in database

> Integrates into legacy system

> Knows when part comes in & goes out

> Automated Machining, Custom and Integrated Workholding

> Crisp, burrfree Firearm Engraving

Smith & Wesson Had a Challenge and Datron Had the Answer.


Even Engrave Logos, Brands and other Marks along with Firearm and Gun Serial Numbers.


This is why the best of the best in gun and firearm manufacturing use DATRON for Gun Enraving and Firearm Serialization. From Smith & Wesson and Remington to Ruger. The elite lines of guns and firearms have logos and marks egraved on a DATRON and gun and firearm manufacturers use DATRON machines to comply with ATF Serialization Regulations and mandates. That's because DATRON means quality is a sure thing.


DATRON's System Makes ATF Compliance Easy and Makes Higher Quality Guns & Firearms:

When a single machine can improve the quality of your Brands, Logos and Marks while at the same time delivering an
Even Depth of Serial Number Engraving, that's the best of all worlds.

Then add in the fact that this automated CNC Machining Center integrates easy with virtually any database, pulls the next Serial Number, engraves the gun or firearm part, and records that information for easy tracking.

Take it one step further with a familiar and intuitive Microsoft Windows-based control software that makes operation easy.

Then put the icing on the cake with the fact that DATRON Dynamics, the company that sells this equipment has designed and delivered turnkey automation and workholding solutions for the World's leading gun and firearm manufacturers.

The Choice is Clear.


Consistent .005" depth ... here's why.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), as amended (18 U.S.C. Chapter 44), requires licensed importers and licensed manufacturers to identify, by means of a serial number, each firearm imported or manufactured. The serial number must be engraved, cast, or stamped on the receiver or frame of the weapon in such manner as the Secretary of the Treasury prescribes by regulation.

Section 178.92 also requires licensed importers and manufacturers to conspicuously place the following identification markings on the frame, receiver, or barrel of each firearm imported or manufactured in a manner not susceptible of being readily obliterated, altered, or removed:

1. The model, if such designation has been made;

2. The caliber or gauge;

3. The name (or recognized abbreviation of same) of the manufacturer and also, when applicable, of the importer;

4. In the case of a domestically made firearm, the city and State (or recognized abbreviation thereof) where the licensed manufacturer maintains its place of business; and

5. In the case of an imported firearm, the name of the country in which manufactured and the city and State (or recognized abbreviation thereof) where the importer maintains its place of business.

In 1999, ATF Notice No. 877 proposed a minimum depth of .005 inch for serial numbers and a minimum depth of .005 inch for all other required markings. Further, they requested comments on the proposed regulations from all interested persons. In particular, we are soliciting input from the industry as to whether a minimum depth of .007 inch, rather than the .005 inch proposed in this notice, is feasible using existing machinery or if additional costs would be incurred to comply with such a minimum depth.

27 CFR Part 478 specifies the FFL (Federal firearms licensee) records and maintains the acquisition and disposition of firearms in what is commonly referred to as a Bound book. Subsequently, the ATF has recognized good cause exists for authorizing the use of computers and portable storage devices to maintain the records of acquisition and disposition of firearms required by 27 CFR Part 478. The use of computers and portable storage devices to maintain required acquisition and disposition records, contingent upon the requirements outlined in the approved variance, is consistent with the intent of the GCA, as it will result in a permanent, reliable record that will accurately indicate acquisitions and dispositions of firearms and armor piercing ammunition. Allowing flexibility through variances permitting the downloading and maintenance of records on portable storage devices will increase the effective administration of the GCA by ATF.

Gun Serial Number Engraving as well as engraving gun logos and marks with high speed CNC milling machines made by Datron in Germany

Firearm serial number engraving as well as engraving logos and brand markings using Datron high speed CNC milling machine

Firearm Serialization and engraving of brand marks and logos on Datron high speed milling machines with high speed CNC spindles up to 60,000 RPM

We have learned, through our past projects with firearms makers, that serial number marking and digitizing is very important to the Federal Government. We have special software built into our machine control that makes this a smooth and integrated process. When combined with batch machining, this software can enable consecutive serial number processing that is fast, accurate and secure. This capability along with our experience in fine detail engraving, could provide you two methods to speed the production of your firearms while retaining their very beautiful and unique qualities.

Firearm Serial ization and Engraving Gun Serial Numbers is often done with Datron high speed machining centers in order to achieve a depth of engraved serial numbers that meets ATF mandates and regulations
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