Engraving Serialization CNC Machine

ENGRAVING SERIALIZATION | High Speed CNC Engraving Machines ideal for Engraving in Steel, Aluminum, Plastics, Brass, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper...

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Engraving Serialization Process:

• Part enters machine, machine automatically checks which part is there and probes for surface variances

• Machine control selects program for that part & surface variance is compensated for in machining data

• Appropriate sequential Serial NUmber and/or logo is engraved

• Even depth is maintained ... even on a rounded surface!

• Machine checks to make sure serial number is present and has an even depth before removing part

• Part production is recorded & tracked in Database

We have learned, through our past projects with firearms makers, that engraving serialization, depth and consistency of engraving and proper reporting and recording of serial numbers is very important to the Federal Government. We have special software built into our machine control that makes this a smooth and integrated process. When combined with batch machining, this software can enable consecutive serial number processing that is fast, accurate and secure.

Engraving Serialization with automatic reporting and database integration is offered exclusively by DATRON high speed CNC machining centers
Engraving Serialization Benefits.

1) SERIALIZATION: Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is customized and linked to your IT system so that no serial numbers are duplicated. Automated reports sent from the CNC machine ensure proper documentation for your “digital process”.

2) PRECISE-DEPTH ENGRAVING: Z-Probe quickly scans each work-piece and sends the data to the controller where any surface variation is automatically compensated for. No rejected parts!

3) HIGH-SPEED ENGRAVING: 1 - 2 minute tack time is typical for Text, Logo & Serial Number engraving from .005” or .015” deep.

Other Benefits for Engraving:
Up to 60,000 RPM Spindles
Spray-mist Coolant Systems
Integrated Clamping & Vacuum Table Workholding
Automatic Tool Changer
Fast Programming, Quick Setup
3D Probing
5-Axis Capability


Engraving Serialization Video
Video of Engraving Serialization will load soon (approx. 60 sec.).
Engraving Serialization on Steel Firearm Receivers is performed by leading gun manufacturers using DATRON high Speed CNC Engraving Machines
Engraving Serialization and Logos on steel firearms parts performed on a DATRON high speed CNC machining center
Engraving Serialization at even depths in steel with DATRON high speed CNC engraving machine
Engraving serialization on anodized aluminum parts using a DATRON high speed CNC milling machine
Engraving serialization on plastic parts using a DATRON M8 Plastic Mill featuring deionization and dust extraction
Engraving Serialization on aluminum panels for the audio industry using DATRON high speed CNC machining center
Engrave markings and serialization on stainless steel with DATRON high speed CNC Engraving Machines
Precision Engraving of Serialization and serial numbers on metalphoto identification tags and name plates
Precision Engraved Serialization in aluminum using a high speed CNC machining center featuring a 60,000 RPM spindle.
Steel 1911 slide with precision engraved serialization performed on DATRON high speed CNC machinig centers
Engraving serial numbers in brass at high speed on DATRON engraving machine
Steel 1911 handgun slides featuring precision engraving of serial numbers produced on DATRON high speed CNC engraving machines.
4th axis for engraving serialization on the sides of stainless steel 1911 handgun slides using DATRON high speed CNC milling machine
Serialization engraved on anodized aluminum gaskets using DATRON high speed CNC machining centers featuring 60,000 RPM spindle.
Engraved serialization infilled on plastic parts
Metalphoto identification tags or name plates with engraved serialization performed on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers
Engineered plastic part with engraved serialization performed on a DATRON high speed CNC engraving machine featuring a 60,000 RPM spindle
anodized aluminum gasket featuring engraved serialization produced on a DATRON high speed CNC milling machine
Audio Front Panel with engraved serialization milled on DATRON high speed CNC machining center
Aluminum part milled and engraved on DATRON CNC machining center
raised serialization and bar code engraved on DATRON CNC engraving machine
Engraving Serialization?

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DATRON High Speed CNC Engraving Machines are the ideal choice for engraving serialization applications in steel, aluminum, Zinc, magnesium, copper, brass etc. That's because these engraving machines feature high RPM spindles (up to 60,000 RPM) and solid granite machining beds.
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