M7 Energy Efficient CNC Machining Center from DATRON

Energy Efficient CNC Milling Machine from DATRON saves electricity, time and money!

The Energy Efficient CNC, Datron Model M7 with a 1.8 kwatt spindle, draws approximately 1.0 kwatt hour. Calculated on 60% power consumption, a continuous 40 hour work week at an average state rate of $0.1472 per kwatt; the M7 costs approximately $197 a month to power. Compare this to a similar, small 20hp conventional cnc machine rated at 7 kwatt hours; it would cost approximately $1,385 per month to power. Based on these numbers, you would save approximately $72,480 in just five years.


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Reduce power consumption and operating costs with energy efficient CNC milling machines from DATRON
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Low power consumption of DATRON's energy efficient CNC machining centers reduces operating costs
The energy efficiency of DATRON CNC Milling and Engreaving machines saves money and yeilds R.O.I.
Energy efficient CNC machine that delivers high speed CNC milling of aluminum, plastics, compisties and other non ferrous materials
Energy Saving CNC machines are low power consuming CNC machining centers that minimize operational costs and save on the environment
Energy efficiency and flexibility to machine carbon fiber, aluminum and a wide range of other materials. That's what energy effiecient CNC millinging machines from DATRON provide to manufacturers With a small footprint DATRON energy efficient CNC machines also have a comparitively large work area (30" x 40" on a standard machine) and that provides space efficiency as well.
Resource efficiency is achieved by an energy efficient CNC machine that also has a minimal quantity coolant system that reduces the cost of coolant and operation.
DATRON CNC Machines are energy efficient and flexible enough to machine plastics, copper, aluminum, brass, magnesium, zinc, stainless steel and more.
DATRON offers the precision and industrial dependability of a conventional machine with the efficiency and convenience of a gantry-style machine. The best of both worlds.

In times when floor space is at a premium, DATRON systems are the answer for the new demands of the global manufacturer. These quiet, compact systems offer a clean-room-friendly solution that can be placed in any laboratory or manufacturing environment.

Energy Efficient CNC equals savings:
Large work volume for multiple set-ups
Small footprint saves valuable floor space
Low, single-phase power saves money
Minimal maintenance reduces down time
Easy access reduces set-up / break-down time
Stationary table offers simpler work-holding design

With accuracies in the micron range, we have precision solutions that are designed for 24/7 environments that operate at the fraction of the cost of heavier-style machines. “It makes no sense to machine small intricate parts with a machine that weighs 4 or 5 tons.” remarked John Dionne, machinist at Burkart Phelan, flute manufacturer and DATRON customer. The stationary, massive-granite work table offers the stability and precision needed without the excessive weight.

Our energy efficient CNC milling machines also provide space efficiency and with a large work area can accommodate large sheet material to perform batch machining that can be run automatically and unattended to further reduce operational costs.
From thin walls in aluminum to intricate engraving in stainless steel, DATRON energy efficient CNC machining centers deliver flexibility and efficiency. From electronic housings and enclosures to test fixtures and connectors, DATRON energy efficient CNC Machines deliver flexibility and cost savings to electronics part manufacturers
Microdrilling applications can be performed at high speed and low cost with energy efficient CNC machining centers from DATRON that feature high speed spindles up to 60,000 RPM.
4th and 5th Axis applications can be performed on with energy efficiency and reduced operation costs on low power consuming CNC milling machines from DATRON Intricate industrial engraving in steel can be performed more efficiently and cost effectively due to the low poer requirements of energy efficient CNC machining centers such as the DATRON M7
Achieve energy efficiency with CNC milling machines like the DATRON M7 high speed machining center
Superior surface finishes and fast cycle times are the result of high speed spindles up to 60,000 RPM while additional operational savings are delivered through the low power consumption of energy efficient CNC machining centers from DATRON Versatility, flexibility and efficiency reselts for a high speed machining center that features low power consumption, a small footprint and a large work area
Energy efficient CNC Engraving Machines from DATRON feature low power requirements and superior machining quality and flexibility
Smooth surface finish is the result of a high speed spindle while operational costs are reduced by the low power consumption of energy efficient CNC engraving machines from DATRON German engineered to machine plastics and non ferrous metals, DATRON CNC machining centers are energy efficient and versatile
Low Power Consumption is the key to our energy efficient CNC milling machines
High speed and low cost are the result of our energy efficient CNC milling machines Save time and reduce costs with energy efficient CNC machining centers featuring automatic tool change, 3D probing, integrated work holding and much more!
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Energy Efficient CNC Milling Machines using 208/22V power and made in Germany for precision and depandability
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