Th M8 is a workhoarse within the electronics industry and is used for machining Aluminum Enclosures, Custom Enclosures, Plastic Electrical Enclosures, Extruded Aluminum Enclosures and more.

Machining electronics enclosures, aluminum enclosures, custom enclosures, plastic electrical enclosures & extruded aluminum enclosures at high speed!

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Pneumatic Clamping holds this Aluminum Electronic Enclosure during machining. Spray-mist coolant is sprayed where the cutting edge hits the aluminum enclosure and evaporates quickly to leave a clean finished part.
For the milling of machined aluminum, extruded aluminum and molded plastics to produce electronics enclosures, aluminum enclosures, plastic enclosures or even custom enclosures from aluminum or plastic – DATRON High-Speed CNC Machining Centers are the ideal choice.
The surface finish of this Aluminum Enclosure is yielded by both high speed machining and a superior spray-mist coolant that simply evaporates leaving parts clean and eliminating the need to de-grease electronics enclosures and other electonics parts.
Machining Electronics Enclosures.

Aluminum electrical enclosures are poduced quickly with DATRON high-speed milling machines. Physically, no material is better suited for the production of electronics enclosures, electrical enclosures and custom enclosures than aluninum. And no machine is better suited for machining aluminum enclosures than DATRON high-speed machining centers, milling and engraving machines.

Benefits for Enclosure Machining:
Up to 60,000 RPM Spindle
Spray Coolant System
Integrated Clamping & Vacuum Workholding Systems
Automatic Tool Changer
Easy, Fast Programming
Microsoft Windows-based Control

Machining Extruded Aluminum Enclosures for Aluminum Extrusions is accomodated by the large beds and machining area of DATRON Models like the ML-1500
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Plastic Electrical Enclosure machined from molded plastic to make a custom enclosure for electronics.
Electronics Enclosures
Aluminum Enclosures
Electrical Enclosures
Plastic Electrical Enclosures
Custom Enclosures
Extruded Aluminum Enclosures
Surface finish for Plastic Electrical Enclosures is achieved with Datron Technology and know how.
Milling Plastic Electrical Enclosures:

Milling or Machining Plastic Electrical Enclosures can be similar to machining Aluminum Electronics Enclosures in that sharp tools are more beneficial than very hard-edged tools. That said, for plastic electrical enclosures or electronics enclosures being machined or milled from fiber reinforced plastics that contain glass or ceramics, carbide tools or hardened steel tools are required.

Feeds & Speeds for Machining Plastic Electrical Enclosures: This is where the true benefit of Datron high-speed machining centers comes in. Machining plastic electrical enclosures really requires high speed. Slower spindle speeds allow heat to build up and melt the plastic electrical enclosure rather than cutting it. Higher spindle speeds throw chips out of the cutting channel and prevent long chips from bird-nesting around the tool and melting to it. High feeds get you from one place to another quickly without leaving the tool in one vicinity for too long heating the material up. But, since small tooling is often required for the small plastic elecrical enclosures, you can’t have high feeds without high spindle speed because it will result in unaccepatable tool breakage. Moral of the story is that if you’re machining plastic electrical enclosures, you need a Datron.


Datron offers an automated, 5-axis, high-speed machining center designed for small part manufacturing. The 5-axis M8Cube is the only machine in this price range that provides 5-axis capabilities for producing small parts requiring tight tolerance. Competitive machines either don’t have a 5-axis option or are very expensive. This 5-axis Trunnion Machining Center can access five sides of a part, and complete the part in a single set-up. It is ideal for producing medical components, aerospace parts and electro-mechanical parts. In conjunction with 5-axis capabilities, Datron also offers a robotic interface and a pick and place system for automated manufacturing.

For machining extruded aluminum enclosures, we have models with large beds to handle long extrusions making DATRON the ideal choice for milling extruded aluminum enclosures.

5-Axis capability makes eben the most complex or custom electronics enclosure a project well within your electronics enclosure machining capability.

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Milling Electronics Enclosures from Aluminum and Plastics using high speed CNC machining centers made in Germany by DATRON AG
The DATRON M8 High-Speed Machining Center is ideal for milling Electronics Enclosures.
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