DATRON Dental CAD CAM for Milling Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges, and Dental Abutments form Titanium and Zirconium Zirconia

Dental CAD CAM Milling Machine for 5-Axis Milling of Dental Crowns, Bridges, Abutments in Titanium, Zirconia & Chrome Cobalt (CoCr) etc.

Dental CAD CAM Milling Machine Benefits:
5-axis simultaneous machining
Extremely fast production times
Very compact - only 31“ wide
Simple operation Apple iPad
Integrated 8-piece blank changer
13-station tool changer with tool-length sensor and breakage detection
For highly complex implant indications
German engineered - heavy duty!
5-Axis Dental CAD CAM Milling of Titanium Implant Bars and Custom Abutments, Crowns, Bridgers, Copings etc.

With this open modular system, the choice is yours: 180° rotary axis with two clamping plates, four axes, wet, dry or even five axes – DATRON Dental CAM systems grow with your requirements.

The highly precise and modular concept of the DATRON Dental has been designed for the increasing demands in dental CAD/CAM technology. The DATRON dental milling system is available in modular configuration — so, it can grow and adapt to your changing needs. The solid and precise mechanical system is based on the techno-logical experience of thousands of installed milling machines and DATRON‘s 20 years‘ expertise in high-speed machining with small tools. The massive granite structure guarantees dynamic and time-saving milling and, at the same time, high quality.

The open interface allows smooth integration of all standard dental CAM software solutions.

3 to 5-axis Dental CAD CAM software for milling dental crowns, bridges and abutments from dental materials like titanium, zriconium, PMMA, Composites Titan etc.
5-Axis Dental Milling - wet milling and dry milling of zirconia, titaium, crome Cobalt and many other dental materials.
Dental CAD CAM Milling Applications:
Dental Milling
Dental Abutments
Dental Crowns
Dental Bridges
Complex Bridges
Large Dental Bridges
Dental CAD/CAM - Milling
Milling Titanium
Milling Zirconium or Zirconia
Dental Wet Milling
Dental Dry Milling
3D Dental Scanner, CAD CAM and High speed illing machine for machining dental parts such as crowns, abutments, bridges from titanium zirconium (zirconia) and PMMA Dental CAD/CAM Milling Machine video showing milling of dental crowns Video of Dental CAD CAM Milling will load soon (60 sec.).
DATRON dental machines work with all standard and open CAD/CAM programs. Benefit: You are free to choose the solution which best suits your production requirements. Compatibility with leading CAD/CAM programs has been thoroughly tested by DATRON. The software offers easy operation even when milling complex bridges, abutments or crowns. Automation functions result in optimized milling
programs in a very short period of time.

CAM strategies for deposited Zirconia, CoCr, Titanium, and other dental materials
Intuitive user interface and many fully-automated functions guaranty reliable and simple operation
Fully-automated NC task manager guides user through the process — to the finished NC program
Custom CAM strategies possible
Height optimization of large bridges
Interfaces with scanners and CAD software through open STL interface.
Three- to five-axes machining strategies

Milling Dental Zirconium Zirconia
Milling Dental Titanium and Crome Cobalt CoCr
Machining Dental Zirconium, Titanium and PMMA Wax
Milling Dental PMMA wax with high speed machining for Dental CAD/CAM
Dental CAD CAM Milling Materials:
Zirconium or Zirconia
Dental PMMA
Nano Composites
Al-Oxide (Aluminum Oxide)
Dental Wax and Alloys
Chrome-Cobalt, CoCr
Titanium and Composites
Zirconium Milling (Dental)
For the machining of unbaked high-performance ceramics such as Zirconium and Aluminium Oxide

DATRON dental ball-nose end mills come with a special cutting geometry. This guarantees highest surface quality. A highly abrasion-resistant diamond coating results in very long tool life, especially when highly abrasive materials are used.

CoCr/Titanium Milling (Dental)
For the machining of CoCr Steel, pure Titanium and Titanium alloys

The cutting geometry of this milling tool has been specially designed for the high demands when hard-to-cut milling materials.

PMMA/Wax Milling (Dental)
For the machining of Acrylic polymer and wax blanks

Especially when milling soft materials, the polished flutes of this milling tool allow for burr-free and neat milling results. Ample chip space guarantees clean chip removal.

Optionally, this milling tool is available with XTS coating which considerably increases the tool life

Milling Aluminum Oxide and Milling Zirconium with high-speed Dental CAD/CAM milling machine from DATRON
DATRON Dental MIlling machine for high speed machining of crowns, bridges, abutments and dental materials like titaniaum and CoCr
Milling Dental Bridges from Titanium
Miiling PMMA for dental crowns with DATRON CAD/CAM Milling Machine
5 Axis Dental Milling Machine
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Dental CAD CAM Milling Machine for 5 Axis Milling of Titanium Implant Bars and Custom Abutments, Crowns, Bridges, Copings etc.