M10 Contour Machining CNC

Contour Machining - high speed CNC milling of contoured shapes and 3D parts.

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What is Contour Machining? It seems the term means different things to different people. To some it's the machining of 3D surfaces and to others it's milling contoured shapes, perhaps in batches from sheet material. Regardless of which term relates to your machining application, you've landed on the right page. That's because DATRON High Speed CNC Machining Centers are ideal for both. If you need to produce 3D surfaces or 3D forms like the image directly below this text, our M10 Pro (seen in the upper left) can make short work of it with its 40,000 RPM spindle and +/- 5 micron position accuracy and rapids up to 30 meters per minute. Or if you want to batch machine contoured shapes from sheet material, the same machine or even our M8Cube model will do the trick with a 40" x 30" work area and vacuum table workholding for quick setup. Need a larger work area? We have machines with work areas up to 85" x 60" and 98" x 40".



Contour Machining of engineered plastics with high speed CNC machining center from DATRON.

Contour Machining of 3D forms
Benefits for Contour Machining:
> Up to 60,000 RPM Spindles
> Spray Mist Coolant System!
> Integrated Clamping & Workholding
> Automatic Tool Changer
> Fast Programming, Quick Setup
> 3D Probing
> 5-Axis Capability for 3D Parts
3D forms like this require contour machining at high speed in order to minimize cycle time and maximize surface finish quality Contour Machining Video Video of Contour Machining will load soon (approx. 60 sec.).
Machining of contoured shapes from sheet material featuring a 40" x 30" work area and vacuum table work holding for ease of set up and batch machining capability
Contour machining with 4th and 5th axis capability
2D and 3D engraving along with Contour Milling on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers featuring spindles up to 60,000 RPM Contour machining of aluminum with blazing feeds and speeds up to 30 meters per minute and 60,000 RPM with DATRON high speed CNC milling machines
Contour Machining of 3D forms with mirror finishes and no second operations like polishing is the result of high speed spindles up to 60,000 RPM and an integrated spray-mist coolant system
Contour machining of plastic parts with DATRON high speed CNC machining center
Contour milling of complex parts from aluminum on DATRON high speed CNC machining centers Contour machining for rapid prototyping for a multitide of parts and applications including housings and enclosures for electronic applications
Frame for aerospace application requiring contour machining of aluminum feturing a 60,000 RPM spindle on the DATRON M8 high speed CNC milling machine Deep milling and contour machining of thin walls and complex shapes for electronics par manufacturing
Batch milling contoured shapes from aluminum sheet material using an integrated vacuum table workholding on a DATRON high speed CNC milling machine
Batch machining of contoured shapes from plastic sheet material using the 40" x 30" work area and integrated vacuum workholding on the DATRON M8 high speed CNC machining center
Batch Milling of contoured shapes from plastic sheet material with a DATRON high speed CNC milling machine featuring an integrated vacuum chuck workholding Contour machining parts from aluminum
Milling contoured shapes from plastic sheet material using vacuum chuck workholding on a DATRON high speed CNC machining center
Batch machining of contoured shape aluminum parts for knife manufacturing using vacuum table workholding on DATRON high speed CNC milling machines
Contoured shapes cut from aluminum sheet material on a DATRON high speed CNC machining center that features VacuMate vacuum table workholding
Contoured shapes milled in brass for watch manufacturing performed with a high speed CNC machining center featuring a vaccum table for batch machining
Front panel with contoured shapes milled out with a DATRON high speed CNC machining center with integrated vacuum table workholding for quick set up
Contoured shape machinied from 6061 aluminum with a DATRON high speed CNC milling machine
Contour Machining Application?

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DATRON M10 High Speed CNC Machining Center is the ideal choice for Contour Machining. Contour machining of small parts benefits from a 40,000 to 60,000 RPM spindle, Automatic Tool Change and Integrated Workholding. Unbeatable Surface Finishes (like a mirror)!
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