CNC Robotics like this FANEC Robot Arm can be integrated onto any DATRON high speed CNC Machining Center or Milling Machine

CNC Robotics for DATRON high speed CNC Milling Machines and Machining Centers.

DATRON high speed CNC Machining centers can be ordered with fully integrated application-specific CNC robotics like FANUC robot arms and pick and place systems with grippers to pick up parts and place them in automated workholding so that machining can begin.


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DATRON Teamed up with another New Hampshire company, Accura Technics to provide turn-key automated high speed CNC systems featuring CNC Robotics
Integrated CNC Robotics.

DATRON sells high speed CNC machining centers that can be ordered with application-specific, integrated CNC Robotics designed to reduce cycle times and improve efficiency.

Part loading Robot arms
Pick & Place Systems
Part flipping for multi-sided machining
Pallet Changers
Unattended or Lights-Out Operation
Digital I/O to accomodate any CNC Robotics ... ours or yours


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Multi-sided machining often requires CNC Robotics to improve efficiency and reduce operator intervention
CNC Robotics lke this FANUC Robot Arm can be placed nect to DATRON high speed CNC machining centers for automated loading, flipping and unloading of parts
CNC Robotics with Front Loading Fanic Robot Arm for Datron Milling Machine
This CNC Robotic arm is side loading an M8 high speed milling machine for unattended batch machining of aluminum parts
CNC Robotic Arm loads parts into a Datron Milling Machine
Side loading CNC Robotics on this Datron Milling Machine load aluminum parts into a pneumatic clamping system
This pick & place with part gripper is an example of CNC robotics that can be integrated onto DATRON high pseed CNC milling machines to reduce cycle times.
Here the pick & place system picks up partts, places them in a chuck or on a rotary axis and revoves them after machining placing them on a custom pallet
CNC Robotics arms like this pick and place with gripper picks up parts from pallet and loads them into pneumatics chuck for 4 axis micro hole drilling and then removes them from the chuck and returns them to the pallet for removal
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