CNC Automation & Robotics - High Speed Machining Applications.

DATRON ProfitCell
5-axis CNC machining & automation

The DATRON CNC machining cell "ProfitCell" is a highly cost-effective complete solution for 5-axes machining. For the first time DATRON has combined a high-precision milling machine and an automatic workpiece changer into a compact unit. The advantages of this combination are that very little floor space is required, effective interaction between all components is ensured and the unit is a real bargain. The highly precise rotary/swivel axis has a work area of 360 degrees in the B-axis and +/- 100 degrees in the A-axis. Workpiece supports are inserted in the rotary/swivel axis with a precise zero-point clamp. The integrated workpiece magazine offers up to 50 workpiece places. Up to 9 different programs can be processed one after the other automatically. 5-side complete machining in a single setup without re-clamping results in very high form and position tolerances and a higher manufacturing quality. With automated NON-STOP production, your investment in DATRON's ProfitCell will pay off fast!

ProfitCell CNC Automation Benefits:
Powerful CNC machining & workpiece handling with a single unit
Parts with a size of up to 6.3'' x 8'' x 2.8'' 5-side CNC machining
Complete solution from one source
Automation for small - large quantity batch-machining
Up to 50 workpiece places, handles weights up to 55.12 lbs

Automatic Workpiece Changer for complete CNC Automation

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Robotic Arm on this Automated CNC work-piece changer provides efficiency in production and allows for lights-out or unattended machining

Automated Trunnion-style 4th & 5th Axis for 3D and 5-sided CNC Automation.

Automation is more than just a pallet changer ... it requires a synergy between Robotics, Automated Processes and CNC Machining and Milling Machines.
Automated CNC for CNC Automation including robotic workpiece changeFANUC-based Robotic Arm for CNC Automation inclides infeed conveyor and an exit conveyor
DATRON with Indumatik® light

Automate now – DATRON CNC machines and Indumatik® light! DATRON CNC machining systems can now manufacture with even higher productivity with the Indumatik® light automation cell, specially adapted for DATRON! Indumatik® light is a closed automation cell. This ready-to-use automation cell is attached to the side of a DATRON M8Cube, M85 or M7 system. It is a compact system which elegantly combines three functions – milling, clamping and automation. Indumatik® light places raw parts, on centring clamps in the machine tool and removes finished parts. So, fewer operators are required for the second and third shifts.

DATRON with Minuteman XA™

• Part Versatile “EOAT”
“End-Of-Arm Tooling” on the robotic arm is extremely versatile. A wide variety of part sizes, shapes and weights found in the job shop setting are accommodated.

• Quick Operation Changeover Tooling for each job is either built in to the EOAT, or contained in a pre tooled / setup kit that can be quickly installed for repeat jobs. In either case, the process is streamlined and provides for fast “real time” changeover.

• Manual Mode
Installing the Minuteman XA™ does not preclude you from operating the machine manually for non-automated parts production.

• Simplified Controls
Teaching Minuteman XA™ new part setups is quick and easy


Datron offers an automated, 5-axis, high-speed machining center designed for small part manufacturing. The 5-axis M8Cube is the only machine in this price range that provides 5-axis capabilities for producing small parts requiring tight tolerance. Competitive machines either don’t have a 5-axis option or are very expensive. This 5-axis Trunnion Machining Center can access five sides of a part, and complete the part in a single set-up. It is ideal for producing medical components, aerospace parts and electro-mechanical parts. In conjunction with 5-axis capabilities, Datron also offers a robotic interface and a pick and place system for automated manufacturing.

So Take Control: Add the flexibility and agility you need to revolutionize your business. Call Datron Dynamics at 888-262-2833 today!

CNC Automation systems for DATRON high speed CNC milling machines
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